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ABSURD: Joe Biden Stares, Slurs, And Almost Falls Asleep In Latest Live Address

If Hillary Clinton deserves to be locked up, then Joe Biden deserves to be retired to a long-term care facility. What other human being would still be in charge of his own house, let alone an entire nation? I feel no pity for Joe, who spent his entire life chasing money and power, and has now been reduced to a soulless tool of the globalist machine.

Instead of pity, I feel outrage. I am livid that my countrymen voted for this demented fool. Put differently, didn’t vote for Trump, thus enabling his victory all the same. Was it worth it? 

Let’s just put the video up first, then go from there:

The word you’re looking for is kleptocrat.

His garbled, incoherent speaking aside, if the video were on mute we’d all still be able to tell this man is unwell and unfit. His eyes are empty. Is there even a person inside at this point? Does he know where he is? Who he is? For someone that has caused so much death, despair, and destruction, this punishment seems befitting. He finally achieved the pinnacle of his personal aspirations, but in so doing is unable to bask in the accomplishment. Good.

Since it isn’t healthy to constantly be upset, finding humor is the only way out. There were some pretty great comments to this post, including this image:

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Other comments were more apropos of the political reality:

“This is all you need to know about the people around him. It’s abuse to continue to prop him up in front of the cameras instead of giving him the care he needs. They don’t care about him. So how do you think they feel about you? The only thing they care about is their agenda.”

Although I was resistant to the idea at first, I have come around to the idea of a Kamala presidency. Detractors point out that it will be a trainwreck, but the obvious reply to that concern is that this entire administration has been nothing except one giant and unmitigated disaster. We are past worrying about trainwrecks.

Instead, a Kamala presidency will only further expose Democrats and their entirely devoid agenda. She will sound as clueless as Joe, but won’t have senility to blame. She will make the same policy mistakes, but 

Like an addict, the only road to recovery is through hitting rock bottom. Kamala Harris represents America’s rock bottom. The sooner we accept things as they are, then hopefully people will begin to wake up and make some changes.

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