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New Data On The Biden Economy: Bad News For Americans, Catastrophic News For Democrats

Two years ago today, if you were to have asked someone from Generation X or a random Baby Boomer to name the worst president of their lifetime, the name that would have come up most frequently would have undoubtedly been Jimmy Carter.

Carter was a train wreck of a president. And while Carter’s foreign policy was horrendous with the Iran hostage crisis, and his energy policy was virtually non-existing with hours-long lines at gas stations, the aspect of Carter’s presidency that is most infamous is his overall handling of the American economy.

Americans don’t take kindly to foreign policy missteps and will vote accordingly if they’re egregious enough. We also abhor scandals as we saw with Watergate and Monica Lewinsky. We object to divisiveness like that from Barack Obama. And we’re intolerant of incompetence like we witnessed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. But if you really want to piss off Americans and leave an indelible stain on their psyches, destroy their economic well-being.

That is exactly what Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats have done. And if you were to fast-forward to today and ask that same someone from Generation X from two years ago, or that same random Baby Boomer, the same question – please name the worst president of your lifetime – you very well might get this answer: Let’s Go Brandon!

Economic data regarding our economy was released yesterday, and according to CNBC, “Gross domestic product unexpectedly declined at a 1.4% annualized pace in the first quarter.” Unexpected for economic forecasters perhaps, but not for most Americans.

We can see the economic deterioration virtually anywhere we look, and we can feel the economy slipping. We’re watching our economy being driven off a cliff in a blue convertible, and we can see the senile buffoon in the White House behind the wheel with the accelerator floored and a stupid look on his face.

“GDP” is the acronym used to identify “Gross Domestic Product” as quantified yesterday. But when we have results like these, it can also be an abbreviation for “Get Democrats Packing.” Yesterday’s confirmation that our economy is shrinking was bad news for Americans, but it’s catastrophic for the Democratic Party.

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The definition of what constitutes a recession may depend upon who you ask. But the most common answer is this: a recession is a period of economic downturn with at least two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. President Joe Biden has achieved negative GDP growth in only his fourth full quarter behind the wheel of that convertible, and we’re left to ask: Is there any reason to believe that the second quarter will be any different? Is there any reason to doubt that we’re not in a recession? And is there any reason to think that the recession we’re almost assuredly in the midst of won’t last for many more than two quarters, and for perhaps several years?

The Democrats and their media are in full spin mode. They’re desperately trying to deflect blame for these woes elsewhere. They’re trying to blame COVID, Vladimir Putin, and Congressional Republicans. And, of course, they’re trying to blame President Donald Trump. But Americans know better, and those plummeting poll numbers for President Biden are just going to get worse. Biden and the Democrats own this disastrous economy, and Americans are not going to forget it.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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