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Indisputable Data Proves It… The ‘Defund The Police’ Movement Has Been Disastrous

Over the past few years, America has been absorbed in a racial-cultural war in an effort to find racial “equity” in America’s communities.

Remember back in 2020 when the country was raging with BLM George Floyd protests often fanned on by mainstream media? Even further back in 2014, remember the Ferguson riots? One of the phenomena that came out of these events was the idea that the police were the main problem in these communities. This is still broadly the prevailing thought among many left-leaning folks.

Hence, the birth of the idea of “Defund the Police” would be great for many minority communities, especially African Americans. It resulted in actual policy changes in many large American cities. For example, back in June of 2020, the Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a proposal to eliminate the city’s police department, marking the first step toward establishing a new “holistic approach to public safety.”

The “Defund the Police” movement went national, and a variety of “good-intentioned” groups sprung up to support the efforts. See one supported by Black Lives Matter below. is intended to serve as a comprehensive web resource where organizers can find everything they need for their campaign to defund police in one place: information about what groups across the country are doing, resources, trainings, budget tools, and information about legislation and policies that support efforts to divest from systems of policing and punishment and invest in genuine and sustainable community safety strategies.

But what have been the actual results of these “Defund the Police” movements, now that we have the benefit of looking back in history? Tucker Carlson recently had an excellent piece that goes into much detail about the history and describes actual events.

From Tucker’s piece, we want to highlight a couple of charts that are key in his presentation. First, looking at the Black American murder rate in the chart below, we can see two significant jumps. One for each of the major protests of Ferguson in 2014 and the BLM protests of 2020. The assertion is that subsequent policies to demonize the police have led to less policing of the African American communities – and hence more deaths.

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African American Murdered 2022

The second chart below shows the real story. African Americans are most concerned now about violence and crime. Racism is a long way down the list of concerns. But many of the left-leaning leaders on mainstream media will tell you differently.

Top African American Issues 2022-04

Check out the whole video from Tucker Carlson that will give all the details one needs to understand the horrible policies coming from Progressive Liberals of “Defund the Police.”

Everyone knew that the whole “Defund the Police” idea was crazy. At the time if you said this, you would be considered racist. Eventually, even CNN and Democrats were forced to admit this finally. Back in November of 2021, a proposal to fundamentally restructure the Minneapolis police department in the wake of George Floyd’s death in 2020 was soundly defeated, a setback that even many Democrats acknowledged could be laid at the feet of the “defund the police” movement that some within the party embraced in 2020.

“I think allowing this moniker, “Defund the police,” to ever get out there, was not a good thing,” Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison (D) told The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel.

Should these race hucksters be held accountable for all the deaths they may have caused? Will any of the race hucksters apologize for their disastrous policies? Probably, not – instead, they will rationalize their ideas with even further disastrous policies.

See below President Ronald Regan’s comments about what the nine most terrifying words in the English language are.

These words were, “I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.”

By Tom Williams at Right Wire Report

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