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[Watch] Did Elizabeth Warren Incite Pro-Abortion Violence In This Speech?

I am old enough to remember when Donald Trump was accused of inciting an insurrection for saying he and his followers needed to fight back against the demonic left. Now, I am not a child, so I understand metaphorical speech. Fighting back can mean actual fighting, or it can mean resisting through various other means. We all know how that went.

So, far be it from me to hold the deranged, homicidal Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) accountable for protests insurrections that have broken out across the country this week in a very planned, very staged, and very timely leak of the Supreme Court’s decision to return the decision of infanticide to the states.

First, here is a clip of pro-abortion violence in the streets of Los Angelos. Watch:

Now, here is a clip of Senator Warren losing her mind a few hours earlier. Watch:

I am no expert, but the dots requiring a connection here are about as obvioius as it is Ketanji Brown Jackson is a woman. You don’t need to be a biolgist for this. In a sane world, 

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I live in reality, so I don’t expect anything to be done about Warren’s insane rant that presuposes women should be able to excavate their wombs and mangle, torture, and kill the living human being inside them. If we are following the same playbook, though, her call to violence is at least tantamopiunt to Trump’s January 6th speech. I’d argue more, but I would even settle for the same.  She ought to face impeachment proceedings immediately, right?

Of course, we all know how this will end. Manicial Democrat politicians will continue to get away with their overt calls for not jsut protest, but outright hostility and dangerous violence. Warren’s call to arms – call to dismembering arms, if you will – is no different than now-Vice President Kamala Harris’ inceesanmt urging to remain in the summer streets of 2020 and burn more buildings. 

It is no certainly different than the morally-bankrupt Maxine Waters (D-CA) at various times telling her band of paramilitary supporters to harass every Trump official they can find or to threaten Derek Chauvin’s jury with reaching the “right” verdict.

Heck, Joe Biden and his entire administration have ensured both the so-called “unvaccinated” and groups of concerned parents of government-school students be ostracized and shunned. History is replete with reminders of how that works out for lessered population subsets.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, boh of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.