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Breaking Down Dinesh D’Souza’s 2,000 Mules, A Must-Watch Documentary

Last night I saw an early showing of the new D’Souza documentary “2000 Mules”.  It was yet another chapter in the chronicle of the theft of the 2020 presidential election.  This one was a fascinating story of high-tech forensics applied to ballot harvesting in key swing states.  It told the story of over two thousand ballot “mules” who delivered hundreds of thousands of ballots to thousands of dropboxes in states key to the election outcome.  The total number of ballots delivered was sufficient to swing the outcome of the election in those states from the legitimate winner, Trump, to the illegitimate beneficiary, Biden.

The documentary was the usual high-caliber production we have come to expect from Mr. D’Souza, but I was nonetheless left with several questions at the end.  The movie showed an official dropbox monitoring video of numerous people showing up in the dead of night to place multiple envelopes in official dropboxes.  While it did not prove that the envelopes contained ballots, it is more than likely that they were not delivering supermarket advertising circulars to dropboxes in the mistaken belief that they were post office mailboxes.

ET phoned home

Investigators used the geolocation capability now built into nearly every cell phone to identify and track mules as they traveled from dropbox to dropbox, delivering their messages of joy throughout the land.  In addition to location, each phone provided identification information unique to a user.  This sort of information has been used by law enforcement and federal agencies to track criminal activities worldwide.

The investigators demonstrated one instance where they were able to use the same technology to solve a cold murder case where the new evidence led to the arrest of two perpetrators.  Clearly, the evidence they collected of ballot harvesting is at least as good for felony ballot harvesting by tens of thousands of ballot mules – many more than the two thousand who were tracked in detail.  One could imagine that various law enforcement agencies would be interested in having such a wealth of information handed to them gratis so they could prosecute such criminal activity.  Or maybe not.

An organized crime

The movie also showed mules stopping at the offices of various Non-Government Organizations, where they could pick up more ballots to deliver.  An interview with a former employee at one of those locations was told not to talk to investigators because she could “end up in pieces in various trash cans”.  She is to be commended for her courage.  Does that perhaps indicate why there has been so little interest in investigating the numerous instances of fraud that stole the outcome of the election?  I was disappointed that the movie did not name the NGOs involved, but perhaps that information will be provided to those brave law officers who might wish to investigate and prosecute such fraud.

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Fraud on an unprecedented scale

Election fraud has been with us for nearly as long as there have been elections. Prior to 2020, though, with only a very few exceptions, fraud was relatively minor in scope, typically with only a few votes affected.  In 2020, the scale changed.  Based on the evidence presented in the movie, over 300,000 bogus votes were injected into the counts in just five key states.  Over 137,000 illegal votes were found in Wisconsin alone.  Unfortunately, we cannot know which ballots are fraudulent, because once a mail-in ballot is separated from its envelope, it is mixed with legitimate ballots and is indistinguishable from all the rest.

Further, the investigation showed the result of a planned and coordinated effort to subvert the election.  Thousands of mules had to be recruited, collection and distribution centers arranged, payment accounts set up, plans developed and disseminated, and procedures devised to ensure that the fraud remained undetected until too late.  This is treason on a grand scale – far beyond anything that could be described as a garden variety “conspiracy theory”.  This was malice aforethought of a real-life conspiracy to commit treason against the United States.

Far too many officials and media sources find such scale and numbers to be fantastic, continue to insist that the numbers are grossly exaggerated by Trump cultists and that the 2020 election was fair and honest.  It will be interesting to see what they make of the presented evidence.  At that, the movie acknowledges that the scope of the fraud is even larger than they were able to show in the time allotted.  The 2000+ mules shown are those for which the evidence is incontrovertible.  They have additional evidence that indicates more than an additional 40,000 mules were operating at a reduced scale, each delivering only a dozen or two ballots, instead of the hundreds per mule of the worst offenders.

Follow the money, please

So why did these people risk felony convictions, jail time, and other penalties to engage in election fraud at this level?  For some, it appears that it was ideological, with Antifa and BLM activists front and center.  For most, however, it was financial.  Mules were paid anywhere from ten dollars to fifty dollars or more per delivered ballot.  For each mule that is an off-the-books income of anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over fifty thousand dollars.

If we make a conservative estimate that at least one million fraudulent ballots were delivered across the key states and that all of the mules were paid an average of fifty dollars per ballot, that is only fifty million dollars.  While that amount seems large to most of us, there are hundreds of people worldwide for whom that is pocket change.  To a state actor, that might not even show up in their budget.

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife alone donated over four hundred million to support election activities, most of which went to the left-leaning Center for Tech and Civic Life.  It would be easy to “lose” a few million of that to support “election workers”.

George Soros, Bill Gates, and numerous others made massive donations to the Democratic party and to various “election support” organizations.  Paying even a few tens of thousands of mules would be a trivial expense with that level of funding available.  Such funding would be a small investment for a potentially high return, with very little risk.  Who would have thought that the country could be bought for such trivial sums?

Where did the ballots come from?

Many critics of claimed ballot fraud assert that the reported number of fraudulent ballots it too high to be credible.  Is that true?  As it turns out, there were more than enough excess ballots available without having to resort to counterfeit ballots.

Using Covid as an excuse, states adopted programs for mass dissemination of mail-in ballots, often sending ballots to every registered voter without checking to see if the voter had moved, was a citizen, or even still alive.  The result was that there were millions of loose official ballots available for use.  Mass delivery to apartment buildings, nursing homes, and even residential mailboxes made collection simple.  The mailed envelopes conveniently included voter name, address, and a blank ballot, lacking only a signature to be considered valid.

A signature requirement on a return ballot is a minor hurdle, and may not even exist.  Signature verification is time-consuming to do by hand, and most centers were already understaffed and unprepared to handle the huge numbers of mail-in ballots involved.  Some states did not even require a signature, while others relied on electronic systems.  When those systems became overloaded, the match requirements were turned down so that few ballots would be rejected.  Recently, Rhode Island went so far as to remove the requirement for a signature.

Escape and evasion

Typically, in an election, only a percentage of voters actually vote.  Registered voters who don’t vote form a pool of names that can be used to generate fraudulent ballots that are unlikely to be detected by ordinary means.  Voters who have moved but who are still carried on the rolls form another pool.  Nearly all states provide voter roll information for sale, sometimes for only a few hundred dollars.  The information can include name, address, age, and importantly when they last voted.  Generating a vote for someone who hasn’t voted for the last few years is generally safe and easy to do in these days of computer spreadsheets and databases.

Even if a voter actually does turn up to vote, the mail-in vote that was created for a legitimate voter often takes precedence over an in-person vote.  Since a commingled ballot can no longer be identified, the most that can be done is to use the legitimate vote to cancel the illegitimate vote – still a win for fraud.

Where do we go from here?

Most of my questions after the movie centered around this concern.  As I have discussed previously here and here, these questions have been with us at least since the election.  Ample evidence has been presented documenting the fraud that was observed, and an audit in Arizona brought out even more.  At this point, the evidence that the 2020 election was stolen by fraud is massive and conclusive.  The only ones who still claim that the election was the most secure and fair in history are either liars or ostriches.

So what do we do about it? 

To begin, people can contact TrueTheVote to learn more about what happened in their state and connect with others to take action.  Law enforcement at levels ranging from local police and sheriff departments up to state and even federal levels can also contact them to obtain useable evidence to support investigations and prosecution.  Citizens and groups should contact these officials to encourage them to pursue and prosecute the mules and those who funded and supported them.  These officials need to know that investigation is a priority, that the 2020 election is not a done deal, and that treason at this scale is not to be ignored.

Mike Lindell of My Pillow fame has prepared a comprehensive filing to go before the Supreme Court.  All that is needed is one Secretary of State to stand up and submit it.  Last August, there were almost twenty Secretaries who said they would join in the filing, but the number slowly fell over time to where they all backed out.  Why?  Were they intimidated – fearful of ending up in pieces in various trashcans?  Were they bought with some of those millions of dollars of Democrat funding?  Were they afraid they would be ridiculed or attacked by the Left?  We need to let them know that we want them to act and act now and that we will have their back.

Several states have been considering audits of the 2020 election, as well as decertifying their electoral college certifications of the results.  State senator Wendy Rogers of Arizona has been championing decertification and would welcome help.  Decertification would not only void the results of the election, but would also void all the illegal Executive Orders and other actions that the illegitimate administration has issued – orders and actions that are leading to dangerous inflation, food insufficiency, unprecedented criminal immigration, and possibly even war with Russia.

The case against deferred gratification

There is lots more that can be done, but it is clear that the longer we wait the more damage will be done, even to the point where recovery is no longer possible.  The 2022 election will not and can not correct things.  If it is even allowed to occur, the most it can do is slow things down a bit.  There are those who want us to believe that the 2020 election is done, cannot be changed, and we need to put it behind us and move on.  Not true!  Our Constitution gives us, the People, the power to correct the error and to undo what was done.  We need not fear creating a Constitutional crisis – we are already in one!

Bringing it home

See the movie.  Get the DVD. Invite your friends over to watch.  Challenge any 2020 fraud deniers to refute the evidence presented.  Invite them to watch, too.  Offer popcorn, open a nice bottle of wine, do whatever it takes to get the evidence out and open frank and honest discussion of where we stand and what must be done.  Remember, even a large number of Democrats don’t like Biden and would just as soon he wasn’t there.  Many of them might even agree that maybe Trump wouldn’t be so bad after all.  Be courteous, be civil, be open to difference of opinion, but be firm.  Now is the time to act.

Do we want criminals to run our country?  Those who knowingly receive stolen property are just as guilty of crime as those who steal.  To steal our vote is to steal our voice, our ability to determine our own course.

Our country is not an abstract thing that doesn’t really matter to the course of our daily life.  Our country is our daily life.  It doesn’t live in Washington DC or in various statehouses.  Our country is the freedom to speak our thoughts and opinions, to worship or not as we choose, to gather together for our own purposes, to travel freely where we like, to start businesses or seek employ where we choose, to live under rule of law without fear of arbitrary authority, to elect representatives that reflect our interests and desires, to enjoy fair and just treatment, to live secure in our own dwellings and possessions, to live according to our own interests, beliefs and abilities; that is what is at risk; that is Our Country.

By David Robb

David Robb is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a practicing scientist who has been working in industry for over 50 years. One of his specialties is asking awkward questions. A large part of his work over the years has involved making complex scientific issues clear and understandable to non-specialists. Sometimes he even succeeds.

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