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Dilbert Destroys Wokeness! Comic Strip’s Storyline This Week Brutalizes Leftist Ideology

For many of us, our daily routine begins with a cup of coffee, perhaps an apple or a granola bar, and perusing headlines to get caught up on any breaking overnight news. Once we’re sufficiently caffeinated and updated, we often check out the goings-on from our favoriteus comic strips. Perhaps we check in on Garfield, or Pearls Before Swine, or maybe even some Peanuts reruns.

But one of the most popular strips in the country for years has been Dilbert, and if you don’t include his shenanigans as part of your daily ritual, you’re missing out on some of the most clever and innovative comedy in the comic strip genre. But this week’s hilarity from creator Scott Adams, and the surgical way in which he’s destroying the woke mob, has taken Davis’ genius to new levels. Mr. Adams has indeed outdone himself.

For your reading and comedy pleasure, below are the four strips from this week:


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For the uninitiated, here’s an explanation of a few of the characters.

– Dilbert is the one in the red shirt and glasses, and he works as an engineer at an unnamed company.

– The character with the brownish/orangish shirt is the “Pointy-Haired Boss,” the antagonist of the series, and he’s a cross between Mr. Slate from The Flintstones and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: tyrannical and moronic.

– The guy in the green shirt is Wally, who’s lazy, unproductive, and conniving; a Democrat, no doubt.

– Asok, who appears in today’s strip wearing a light yellow shirt, is a young, naïve employee, who’s neither black nor white, but whose race is unclear.

– And finally, we have “Dave the New Engineer,” who was introduced this week.

In only four days, Adams has succeeded in revealing a multitude of absurdities surrounding woke ideology, and this sequence and the attention it has received is the reason why comedy is so important to our culture. It forces us to look at our society from humorous angles and from hypothetical extremes. What’s become disturbing over the past few years is that satire and comedy have frequently developed into generally accepted thinking for our friends on the left:

Monday: The new character Dave exposes the ridiculousness of the leftist ideal of “identifying,” which apparently means anyone can pretend to be any gender, race, or even species they wish. Dave identifies as white, and the Pointy-Haired Boss is perplexed once again.

Tuesday: Dave by design, and the Pointy-Haired Boss by accident, illustrate the stupidity of “identifying” once again, and simultaneously shed light on the discriminatory nature of “diversity goals.”

Wednesday: The charade of both woke diversity goals and the fluidity of the left’s non-existent standards are on display.

Thursday: The hypocrisy of the left’s hierarchy of victimhood is displayed, as Asok (poor Asok) is asked to identify as black because his own minority race, whatever it may be, ranks below the victimhood of Dave… if Dave had only identified as black.

This week’s storyline by Scott Adams is brilliant, as it’s both hilarious and accurate in its irony. It’s provocative considering the broad appeal the strip has and the subject matter Adams is taking on. And, as crazy as this may sound, it’s courageous.

Adams has been poking and prodding the left with his work all week, and each day he wonders aloud whether this is the day when Cancel Culture comes knocking for him. There’s no doubt that the left if they could justify their actions somehow, would love nothing more than to do just that: To cancel Dilbert and Scott Adams.

If Twitter had just been sold to Elon Musk, does anyone doubt that Adams’ account might have been suspended already? If President Joe Biden’s recently declared Ministry of Truth was up-and-running already, does anyone doubt that the regime would be hammering Adams for his ‘disinformation?’  And would any of us be shocked to learn of the woke mob coming after Adams by way of advertisers to have him and Dilbert shutdown in as many outlets as possible?

Adams and Dilbert haven’t been canceled yet, and hopefully, they’ll remain as agitating and funny as they have been. Keep up the good work, Scott, and may God bless you, sir.

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By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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