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Not Satire: Leftists Advertising Horse Medicine As Safe And Effective For Abortions

Remember that time when the left and their media scolded folks like Joe Rogan and Donald Trump for suggesting that the drug ivermectin wasn’t only for deworming animals but was effective in treating COVID? And remember that they launched those attacks despite the fact that a Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to ivermectin developers for its remarkable effects on humans? And do you remember when those same individuals protested that restrictions on abortions will make such procedures “unsafe” for women… or certain men… or “birthing persons,” or something?

If you’re more than a few years old, of course, you remember those assertions, unless, of course, your name is Joe Biden in which case you can’t even remember where you put your slippers.

Well, guess what? Thanks to the utter hysteria of leftists regarding the apparent upcoming demise of Roe V Wade as first reported by Politico, those same folks are now recommending that women consider accessing the drug Misoprostol to induce abortions, a drug which is used for treating horses suffering from internal ulcers, but which can also be used to kickstart the destruction of an early-stage pregnancy.

Consider this tweet from Motherboard, the tech branch of the far-left outlet Vice:

Amazing, isn’t it? It’s almost as if medicines behave according to their own political biases. When medicines that win Nobel Prizes like ivermectin (but that can also treat animals) might threaten government officials’ control over the populace and perhaps diminish their authority for demanding the administration of unproven vaccines, those medicines are inherently dangerous.

But when a medicine helps support a pet cause on the other side of the political spectrum, such as ensuring pregnant women are unencumbered in their ability to kill as many unborn children in the womb as possible, it’s perfectly fine if that medication is also used to treat ulcers in horses, or toe fungus in chimpanzees, or high cholesterol in ferrets. Safety be damned. If it’ll kill unborn babies, knock yourself out.

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Perhaps recognizing the double standard, Motherboard made this attempt at clarifying their twisted logic:

Yes, Motherboard, as a matter of fact, we are vividly reminded of ivermectin. We’re also reminded of the fact that you, everyone else in the leftwing media, and virtually every Democratic politician in the country have lost all credibility. If you suggested we take ibuprofen when we have a headache, we’d still get a second opinion from our doctor.

In the meantime, continue with your bloodlust for abortions, and keep lifting your skirt with your duplicity. You’re losing the debate, public opinion is shifting, judicial opinion is shifting, and now the issue will be decided by voters in each state. And as advances in science continue to improve our understanding of the humanity of the unborn, those voters will continue to turn their backs on you.

By Jordan Case

Jordan Case offers opinions from the unique perspective of both entrepreneur and parent and is a regular contributor to The Blue State ConservativeJordan does not participate in the cesspool of social media. 

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