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First It Was Chris Wallace At CNN, Now It’s Chuck Todd At MSNBC… Failing Leftwing Media

When word broke a few weeks ago that CNN+ was shutting its doors less than a month into operations, those of us on the right couldn’t help but take some satisfaction from the announcement as we considered how the news must have devastated the left-winger who pretended to be a moderate, Chris Wallace. There’s just something about watching two-faced media types get their just desserts.

Well, get ready to put that smirk back onto your face, because the hatchet man just paid a visit to the detestable Chuck Todd.

According to Deadline yesterday afternoon:

“Meet the Press Daily with Chuck Todd will move from MSNBC to the network streaming service NBC News Now.

Starting on June 6, his daily show will stream as Meet the Press Now, marking the latest effort to expand the offerings on the free platform.

Todd’s Meet the Press Daily, also known as MTP Daily, had aired at 1 PM ET each day, and will move to 4 PM ET on NBC News Now. Chris Jansing will take over the 1 PM hour starting on May 26 with MSNBC Reports.”

While this move may not be quite to the level of Chris Wallace’s downfall, there’s no doubt it’s crushing to Chuck Todd. Make no mistake, being taken off of MSNBC and stuck on NBC News Now is the equivalent of a baseball player going from playing for the New York Yankees to the Richmond Flying Squirrels. It’s a demotion of monumental proportions.

Consider the detail of Todd’s show and some of the elements of his pedigree:

“Todd has moderated Sunday’s Meet the Press, the longest running show in TV history, since 2014. He launched the spinoff Meet the Press Daily on MSNBC, starting in 2015 with a late-afternoon dose of D.C. newsmakers. The show moved to it early afternoon timeslot in 2020.

So, why was Todd sent packing to the minor leagues? What did he do that was so egregious? Todd’s problem was his ratings. CNN and MSNBC are committed to leftist programming to a level that borders on religiousness, and Chuck Todd is one of their top preachers. But ultimately, networks need to make money, and when no one is watching your programs, change is inevitable.

“The one-hour MTP Daily has been trailing its cable news rivals in total viewers and the 25-54 demo. It averaged 681,000 total viewers in April, according to Nielsen. Fox News’ America Reports has won the slot, drawing an average of 1.6 million over its two-hour time frame, while CNN posted 776,000 for CNN Newsroom with Ana Cabrera.”

Note that even if we combine the numbers for CNN and MSNBC, they still don’t equal those of Fox News.

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Like so many other ‘journalists’ in the mainstream media, Chuck Todd is a leftist Democrat with strong connections to the party. In Todd’s case, he spent his late 20s and early 30s working for former Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) and his ill-fated presidential campaign.

In this regard, Todd is no different than George Stephanopoulos who was President Bill Clinton’s Communications Director, or Chris Matthews who was Democratic House Speaker Tip O’Neill’s top aide, or Chris Cuomo whose brother was the Love Gov. Calling yourself a commentator such as Donna Brazile or Ari Fleischer is understandable, but Todd and the others have pretended to be neutral journalists.

Chuck Todd has given us exactly what we would expect from a political partisan. He has been dishonest, feigning unbiasedness. He has been unfair, particularly to conservative Republicans. And he’s been arrogant as he’s presented opinions disguised as reporting. Mr. Todd is getting a demotion, and it’s well-deserved. We can only hope other leftist clowns follow in his and Wallace’s footsteps.

By Jordan Case

Jordan Case offers opinions from the unique perspective of both entrepreneur and parent and is a regular contributor to The Blue State ConservativeJordan does not participate in the cesspool of social media. 

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