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“This Is Going To Get People Killed:” Tom Cotton TORCHES Woke Military Brass Over Pathetic Standards (VIDEO)

One of the more ingenious aspects of our Constitution is its requirement that our military leaders are accountable to non-military officials. All our generals and admirals ultimately report to the Secretary of Defense and his underlings at the Pentagon who are part of the Executive Branch of government. Our Legislative Branch of government, aka Congress, is responsible for, among other things, funding and monitoring the Executive Branch, aka the White House, which is why we have committees such as the Senate Armed Services Committee.

During hearings run by that committee on Thursday, we saw firsthand how valuable Congressional oversight of the White House can be, as Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) completely schooled Secretary of the Army, Christine Wormuth. Watch, and note that the set-up to the video erroneously refers to Wormuth as Secretary of the Navy:

So, let’s examine some of the key takeaways from this exchange:

Wormuth: “I would say that the new Army combat fitness test is much more than the Army fitness test.”

Cotton: “No, it’s not. The new standards are pathetic. They are absolutely pathetic!”

While it’s not unusual to have contentious banter such as this between Congresspersons and other officials, such dialogue often tends to be little more than grandstanding and hyperbole. In Cotton’s case, he’s spot on, and though he remains respectful, he doesn’t pull any punches as he sets the table for the facts he’s about to cite:

Cotton: “Here’s what a female, aged 17-21, has to do to qualify for any job including infantry and special forces. Ten pushups [long pause]. Run ten miles… and let me put ‘run’ in scare quotes as well, [points] make sure the record reflects I’m doing air quotes around ‘run’… in 23 minutes and 22 seconds. The standards for me aged 17-21, are equally pathetic. Ten pushups and a two-mile ‘run’, in scare quotes again, in 22 minutes.”

Herein lies the problem, and it’s an extremely dangerous one. Cotton then goes on to review the old standards which were far stricter. A twenty-year-old in lousy shape should be able to do ten pushups without much of a problem, and as Cotton insinuates, one could cover two miles in 22 minutes via a brisk walk, with perhaps a minute or two of light jogging.

Cotton: “This is going to get people killed. What you need to do is have gender-specific and age-specific tests, and MOS-specific tests [Military Occupational Specialty]. You don’t need cyber-specialists and cooks and nurses to mee the same standards as infantry and special forces.”

This is where Cotton brings the message home. If we have soldiers on the battlefield who can barely do ten pushups and jog at a rate of eleven minutes per mile, they could very well find themselves in mortal danger, and equally important, they jeopardize the lives of their fellow soldiers with whom they serve.

While Wormuth and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin have been focused on pushing Critical Race Theory, mandating curriculum covering “white rage,” and forcing LGBTQ values onto our service members, they’ve simultaneously been lowering the bar for the physical requirements to serve. And this approach is consistent with the left’s overall worldview. This outrageousness is the result of the ‘participation trophy’ mentality and an insistence on equity.

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The problem for Ms. Wormuth, and more importantly the problem for America, is that while she’s concerned about fairness and not having thin-skinned soldiers being offended by some perceived transgression, our enemies are licking their chops.

The Chinese could care less about racial equity and they’re probably putting their own transgender folks into concentration camps along with the Uighurs, and they undoubtedly love the idea of potentially facing a bunch of fat, out-of-shape American soldiers. The Iranians are still laughing at us over Afghanistan and they don’t even allow their women to leave the house without a veil, and rest assured, they’re high-fiving each other as they watch this nonsense.

We need to return our military to its former greatness, and clean house. Wokesters like Austin, General Mark Miley, and Wormuth need to be removed as soon as possible, which means we need to change who’s sitting in the Oval Office in 2024.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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