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Today’s Censorship And Propaganda From The Left Has Deep Roots

The discussion of Puritanism and the oligarchy began on this page a couple of years ago.  We have experienced the curtain now being drawn and have been able to view the miasma of our government that had been unexplored for decades.

Puritans have been societal misfits for centuries of western civilization.  Their beginnings and our current difficulties date back to 16th century England. They felt they were the chosen people of God.  Leaving England was the only option remaining since their ridicule left them out in the cold. They first proceeded to Holland with the same result.

They then left Holland using the excuse of the licentiousness of the “deplorables” was detrimental to their children.  Such were the beginnings of the Mayflower Compact.  It was a contract that required the signee to adhere to proper future behavior before they exited the Mayflower.  Bradford, their cult leader, was afraid they would enjoy their own liberty and that was unacceptable for true believers.  Sound familiar?

They struggled onward across the pond and finally to Massachusetts.  They of course screwed that up as well because they were attempting to find Virginia. A pattern was developing as they were quite error-prone even as they are today. Independent thought or action was never allowed.  Initially, Massachusetts was a socialist colony but it failed miserably as some people would not work and it was resented by those who did. Nothing has changed.  We have been suffering these emotional retrogrades for too long and the idea of compromise with them is a waste of time.  Even burning women at the stake did not satisfy their lust for control.

Harvard began as a low rent seminary and has not improved in 400 years as far as I am able to determine. It began as an intolerant schoolhouse and it continues to be. Propaganda and financing made Harvard great.  Its’ societal and financial support bought self-adulation and its self-aggrandizement brought expansion through the centuries.  Its’ purpose is still the same which is providing outworlders a society in which to be rulers.

Now of course our original deity has been replaced in Harvard Yard.  That replacement would be Stalin. The political enforcement arm of the new cult has been unleashed in the military, police, intelligence agencies, bureaucrats, and universities. The corporate world as well as the Ivy convert network spreads funds generously.

The beginning of official government thought control and censorship has been announced with a high school girl squealing in delight at being the center of attention on her phone as well as being the chief government censor.  Heaven forbid that your peroxide style is out of date. You could be sent to Boston!

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The non-American ideas of censorship have accelerated the rot of our society.  They are promulgated by the socialists in every setting.  We are attempting to further submit to eastern despotism, conformity and submission.  William Bradford would be proud.

Fortunately, these soy-boys are afraid to fight and assume everyone else is as well.  Their assumption is that everyone will accept court rulings. Turning the situation around will be fairly simple by ignoring their standards.  Mommy will not be able to arrive clutching her purse and save the day from an armed citizen.  Government intimidation works well until it doesn’t.

Puritan leaders are still above the dirty deplorables who believe someone else will fight to defend them because they have a government court ruling. This new Puritanism represents the politics of personal inadequacy resulting in their clinging in groups to their leaders.

“When a man is too lazy to work and too cowardly to steal he becomes a newspaper editor (or academic)* and manufactures public opinion.” William Tecumseh Sherman

The Madame

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Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

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