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Another Poll, Another Devastating Result For Biden And The Democrats

It seems regardless of who’s conducting a poll and what questions are asked, the results are sure to reflect poorly on either President Joe Biden, the Democratic Party, or all of the above. This has been a trend for well over a year now and is in fact one that began shortly after Biden was sworn into office.

In a Quinnipiac poll conducted last month, Biden’s approval rating had plummeted to an unthinkable 33%. In a poll last year, Vice-President Kamala Harris’ approval rating reached a historically low 28%, and it continues to remain underwater by double-digits. And in a generic ballot, Republicans are clobbering Democrats in virtually every poll, with some polls showing the GOP out front by as many as ten points.

Additionally, when we consider polling by issue, Biden and the Dems are equally in trouble. COVID? Check. The economy? Check. Foreign policy? Check. And we now have a poll showing more problematic news for Biden and company: Immigration, specifically as it relates to the Biden Administration signaling a likely end to applying Title 42 at our southern border.

Title 42 is a federal code dating back to 1944. At the onset of the COVID pandemic, the Trump Administration revived Title 42 by applying it to our immigration policy at the southern border. The code allows border officials to immediately deny entry to would-be migrants reaching the border, a practice that Democrats have vocally opposed and which has resulted in the White House’s plan to allow the policy to expire.

According to a CNN poll (yes, a CNN poll) conducted by the research firm SSRS, Americans are not buying what Biden and the Democrats are selling. Of those polled, 57% said this is the wrong time to lift Title 42, compared to only 43% who said the time is right to shut down the policy. Of that 57%, there was more division when we analyze the data closer. A total of 48% believe the Administration should allow more time before discontinuing Title 42, whereas 52%  want the policy to be kept in place indefinitely.

While the poll reflects some ignorance on the matter – 59% said they had not been following Title 42 news closely as opposed to only 41% who said they were – almost three-quarters of respondents acknowledged that they were not very confident or not confident at all that Biden’s Administration was ready to handle a surge of migrants at the border. Those numbers are devastating.

But this is the number that really sheds light on America’s mood with immigration and one that is a gut punch to Biden and the Democrats. As is often the case, a majority of Americans are empathetic to asylum-seekers, with 56% favoring allowing them to apply for such refuge, but only 45% agree that asylum claims should be prioritized over efforts to limit immigration. That’s an eye-opening number, particularly when we consider it’s coming from CNN.

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Finally, when we consider the context of these poll results, the sting for Democrats worsens. According to polling about prioritizing political issues in the U.S., immigration falls in the middle of the pack. Immigration is still important to Americans, even though it’s not as highly prioritized as it was when Donald Trump was elected in 2016. But that’s because issues that are even more problematic for Democrats have surged.

“Economic Problems” are by far, the biggest concern for Americans, followed by “Poor Leadership” and “The Situation with Russia,” followed by “Immigration.” All four of those issues, therefore, are losers for the Democrats. Meanwhile, issues that Democrats love to exploit such as “Gay Rights,” “School Shootings,” “Abortion,” “Police Brutality,” and “Gun Control” all rank at or near the bottom of the priorities list, along with “Climate Change.”

In other words, while Americans have opinions on the issues that Democrats are trying to hype, they’re not a priority. Whereas the issues that Americans care about most, including immigration and the economy, Democrats are in horrendous shape. Once again, we have another poll that’s a kick in the groin for Democrats, and November continues to look like a potential disaster for them.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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