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“Intentional Weight Loss Is Fatphobic”: Libs Of Tiktok Posts Insane Video From Health Professional

As Libs of Tiktok pointed out in a reply to its own video: “It’s hateful to want to be healthy.”

That’s the takeaway from this bizarre, outlandish, unhealthy, and downright deadly philosophy being pushed by a supposed licensed therapist in one of the latest videos being shared courtesy the stronger-than-ever social media account. It currently boasts over 1.2 million followers, moonshotting ever since being doxxed by the thoroughly discredited Taylor Lorenz.

In the video, an unnamed woman of larger-than-average proportions attempts to justify not only her size, but actually shame people seeking to become healthier into maintaining their dangerous lifestyles. 

Some things have to be seen to be believed:

“So I figured that this question would come up sometime soon, just because of the video and the topics I cover, but let’s break this one down.

So intentional weight loss, so you purposely saying I want to lose twenty pounds, is fatphobic. And you might be like, what, oh my goodness, I’m not trying to be fatphobic. But you are. 

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You’re being fatphobic to yourself. Why do you want to lose twenty pounds? It’s probably to fit in something smaller, it’s probably so people treat you better, it’s probably for all the reasons that fat folks are shamed simply for being fat.

So, by continuing to perpetuate that, right, seeking intentional weight loss, we are contributing to our fatphobic society.

So that’s why intentional weight loss is fatphobic.”

It is moments like this that make the idea of it being impossible to satirize the left ring true. Losing weight is the next phobia? This person might as well tell you to put down the salad and dumbbells in favor of a Big Mac and television remote. 

Truly, these people are hellbent on being oppressed. 

Also, if I were allowed to bet, I would wager my house this same fool got vaccinated and boosted – and if we had to time to dig through her social media likely urged her followers to do the same – despite the fact that obesity is one of the most preventable comorbidities for negative Covid outcomes. Get the jab, don’t lose weight, and roll the dice with a lab-made monstrosity. 

And Covid aside, heart disease  is the perennial top killer of Americans. Does this idiot not realize excess weight leads directly to cardiovascular issues? You cannot make this stuff up.

Sadly, this isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon. I wrote earlier about how the morbidly obese singer and “model” Lizzo glorified severe obesity. Lizzo headlines countless ads now, as do plump Victoria’s Secret models and ESPN cover girls. We live in a sick society, and that sickness cuts across mental lines, emotional lines, intellectual lines, and clearly the medical lines.