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“Shouldn’t At Least One Of Them Go Down?!”: Elon Musk Clamors For Jeffrey Epstein’s Client List

Three years ago and almost to the day, Jeffrey Epstein was killed. A few months ago, his alleged second-hand woman, Ghislaine Maxwell, was found guilty of trafficking underage girls. And that’s pretty much all we know about one of the most extensive illegal trafficking and extortion rackets in American history.

Despite intense public interest and fundamental application of the law, not a single name on Epstein’s client list has been disclosed. Prince Andrew settled out of court with one of Epstein’s gals, but they won’t tell us for sure he was there. Bill Clinton is known to have tagged along and he’s already someone with a history of questionable sexual ethics. Bill Gates attempted – and failed at – a lame public apology.

Despite literal mountains of photographic and video evidence, the FBI and everyone else prosecuting the case decided this story wasn’t important. The corporate media dutifully played along. 

Sarah Palin, who is running for a Congressional seat in Alaska, had her website provide some coverage on the story:

Back in December, Twitter censored and suspended a Twitter account that was following the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell and providing detailed coverage.

Apparently, liberals working behind closed doors at the tech giant weren’t happy about this activity on the social platform.

One person said, “It is also ‘interesting’ that the account tracking the ’s trial got banned when it gained traction. Lovely people indeed.”

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This all changed when king troll and apparent truth hunter Elon Musk joined the conversation. It might turn out we all got played by the eccentric billionaire, but honestly what other choice do we have right now?

Palin’s site continues:

Billionaire Elon Musk chimed in and called for the list of Epstein clients to be released. It’s widely speculated that influential people are working to keep Epstein’s client list hidden who allegedly had sexual relations with underage females.

“Where is their “client” list? Shouldn’t at least one of them go down!?” Musk wrote. Here’s a look at the conversation:”

Is Musk angering some powerful people? Does he care? Is he part of that group and just firing up normies for fun? With him, it’s impossible to tell. At the very least, someone is asking the right question. We should know more about Epstein’s operation.

Of course, the odds of that happening are slim to none. As Western Journal notes:

“Instead of intensely covering the woman who has been found guilty of one of the most horrendous crimes, in situations that could well implicate some very influential people, too many voices in the mainstream media, like Hasan, want to go after Musk, instead, and focus on him as some sort of monster.

The mainstream media clearly doesn’t want to go after any clients of Epstein and Maxwell’s, since the pair’s liberal-leaning social circle included big-name politicians like former President Bill Clinton and celebrities like Britain’s Prince Andrew and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.”