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Yikes: German Flagship Lufthansa BANS Jewish Passengers From Flying

For the last two years, many comparisons were made about how irrational and dehumanizing Covid rules were akin to the German atrocities against Jews in the 1930s and 1940s. It never felt quite right to equate modern problems with the truly evil Holocaust, but as time went on we were increasingly left with little else. 

Now, to take this story to the next level, it is being reported that Germany’s flagship carrier, Lufthanasa, kicked off all but two of some 192 Jewish passengers in a form of “collective” punishment for refusing to play along with the country’s draconian and anti-scientific measures. Let’s not bury the headline; this is how the situation was responded to in real time.


“Jewish people who were the mess, who made the problems, everyone has to pay for a couple!”

If you ever wanted to see a real-life “Good German” just going on along with blatant and state-sanctioned hostility towards others, here it is. Imagine punishing the entire flight of Jews because an admitted few weren’t playing along with Bill Gates’ and Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset agenda. That’s just wow enough, but add the layer of anti-Semitism being alive and well in Germany. That’s a whole new level of wow.

Andrea Widburg from American Thinker covered this piece, and explained how this vile woman ended up standing in front of a recorded video spewing her filth:

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“After the flight arrived in Frankfurt, passengers headed for the connecting gate that would get them on a flight to Budapest, only to find the area crawling with police, with 24 eventually standing there.  When Lufthansa began boarding the Budapest flight, they called passengers by name to board.  Ultimately, only two Jews, both flying first class, were allowed on the plane.  Neither was wearing a visible yarmulke.  (You can see videos of all this at DansDeals.)  Eventually, a plane that could hold 192 passengers departed with, at most, 20 passengers.

When the passengers stuck in Frankfurt tried to re-book flights, they learned that Lufthansa had put a 24-hour hold on them, denying them the right to board any Lufthansa flights.  When they were finally able to rebook flights, it cost them hundreds, even more than a thousand, dollars.”

Widburg referenced the site DansDeals, which appeared to break the story and is continually updating its coverage. Amazingly, as if this weren’t bad enough, there is even more to it.

Showing the receipts, the site’s proprietor includes in his piece how both YouTube and Facebook-owned Instagram censored his videos and story from first being reported. He had to file appeals and use other social media outlets like Twitter to have his voice heard. Eventually those sites released his flags and bans.

As Widburg concludes in her own piece:

“What happened in Frankfurt is a bad look for any airline, but it’s an especially bad look for Germany’s official airline.  The fact that, as Dan explains, Germany is big on collective punishment (or Sippenhaft) means that a German company that collectively punishes the Jews over whom it has control inevitably carries the stench of Nazism.”

Nazism, yes. Covid fanaticism, yes. Is anyone surprised we are here again? DansDeals notes that Lufthansa has issued the requisite corporate apology after waffling on the matter. We know how these things go. Here’s hoping these passengers make Lufthansa pay.