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If You’re Sick And Tired Of It All, There’s a Question You Need To Ask Yourself

Not long ago, I scribbled a couple pieces “The Most Important Word” and “So What?”. Assuming you missed them (too many did), here’s a thumbnail:

Despite all the outrage for all things outrageous in our lives and world, so what? Despite laws violated, property destroyed, lives lost, freedoms chained – so what? If those empowered to protect us from harm are those doing harm – so what?

“The Most Important Word” is Why. Without Why, history, perspective, reason, credit, and accountability is lost. Without Why, learning is lost.

Sadly, since writing those brilliant, insightful pieces, the world, our country, and our fellow travelers, have yet to inoculate themselves against the raging epidemic of Contagious Apathy or cultivate inquiring minds to challenge the evil Government does. On the “glass-half-full” side, it does appear, thanks to shifting demographics and the ubiquity of social media, a growing number of people are becoming aware something doesn’t pass the Smell Test. Maybe “things” have reached a point people are ready to actually do something about it.

The question then becomes “When”?

With the answers “Why” reveals, “When” demands specific performance applying the solutions.  But politicians, tasked with legislating them, instead become catalysts for more problems, screaming their feigned outrage “Enough is enough”! “This should not be permitted”! “This cannot continue”! – As they enable, permit, and encourage more of the very corrosive issues they create.

Unfortunately, the search for the answer to “When”, leads to the biggest roadblock of all. George Orwell put it this way:

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”.

And Ron Paul paraphrased “Truth is treason in an empire of lies”.

Stated flatly: the answer to When requires conversations that lead to serious consequences; only the most dedicated would even entertain the idea. Yet, considering the metastasizing malignancy of our present ‘state of affairs’ in every aspect of our pursuit of ‘life, liberty and happiness’, silence only leads to slavery. And you’re OK with that?

The Great American Experiment has been a ‘work in progress’ for well over 200 years. However, since 1912-1914 – setting aside remarkable gains in science and technology –  government, politicians, bureaucracies and certain bad actors have perverted a republic of self-governance, instead, driving us quickly to the oppression of tyranny.

You know Why.

So, When does it stop?

One of Ben Franklin’s best homilies: “Lost time is never found again”. The same could be said of freedom and liberty.

Discuss among friends.

By Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is a nationally ignored talk show host and occasional un-indicted co-contributor. He recently released his fourth book, “50 Stories; 50 Years in Radio”, now busily scribbling an unlikely screenplay for Book #3. With his spare hour, he is focused on splitting the atom and pursuing the ever-elusive Whirled Peas, all from his technically challenged studios on the formerly pristine shores of the Great Unnamed Lake, allegedly in the Southeast. Brian is also a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative.

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Featured image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay