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Formerly Reliable Democrat Ally Jeff Bezos Goes Off On Biden

It’s not unusual to see so-called ‘conservative media’ outlets criticize Republicans. In fact, they’re usually quite good at it, and that’s because most of them aren’t truly conservative. Ask someone on the left to name a right-wing newspaper and television network, and they’ll undoubtedly come back with the Wall Street Journal and Fox News. But go back and look at some of the stories they covered during the Bush and Trump years, and you’ll find plenty of critical content.

But for our friends on the left, they seem utterly incapable of being critical of Democrats. During Barack Obama’s administration, the love affair reached sickening levels, and not coincidentally it was during that time when the mainstream media’s credibility took a nosedive from which they’ve never recovered.

Even today, with one of the most disastrously incompetent presidents this country has ever had, we seldom see truly consequential members of the media offer any meaningful negative analysis of President Joe Biden.

For instance, as Biden has tried to blame skyrocketing inflation and out-of-control gasoline prices on Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine War, the New York Times actually ran a headline, “Republicans wrongly blame Biden for rising gas prices.” That was a headline. And when NBC News published a report on inflation in March, they included this line which could have been written by the White House Press Secretary, “Inflation hits 40-year high at 8.5% due to war in Ukraine and rent hikes.”

When you’re a Democrat, members of the mainstream media aren’t just your friends, they’re your apologists and cheerleaders. But things are beginning to get so bad, and the Biden Administration is getting so desperate as they try to point fingers at anyone within pointing distance, that even dependable confederates like billionaire Jeff Bezos are beginning to say, “Enough.” Consider this recent tweet from Bezos as he calls BS on Biden:

Bezos may be best known as the founder and executive chairman of Amazon, but he’s also knee-deep in Democratic Party politics and the mainstream media. Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. And if you haven’t read the Washington Post recently, you can essentially get the same information you would get from the White House Communications Department. There’s little difference. So, when Jeff Bezos takes a shot like this directly at Biden, it is indeed noteworthy.

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Bezos’ comments are spot-on, of course, which makes them particularly cringe-worthy if you’re a Democrat. The problem with inflation is not about taxation, it’s about basic economics. We have inflation because there’s too much money and not enough goods and services; or, put another way, there’s too much demand and not enough supply. Biden’s attempt to point the finger at corporations like Bezos’ Amazon is nothing more than class warfare and trying to pass the buck.

But Bezos wasn’t done. Late yesterday Bezos issued another tweet, and once again he hit Biden squarely between the eyes:

Once again Bezos’ comments were on the money. The spending bill Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) courageously rejected in December and then again in February, the bill known as Build Back Better, would have only exacerbated inflation. Significantly. The more money the government spends, the more heated the economy becomes. For an administration to try to spend their way out of an inflation crisis is like a 600-pound man trying to eat his way back to a healthy weight.

What Bezos could have pointed out but didn’t, and which is plainly obvious, is that raising taxes on corporations is essentially raising taxes on the American people. Corporations don’t just sit back and say “Aw shucks” when governments raise their taxes. What do they do? They raise their prices to cover those taxes, which means they’re taking more money out of your pocket. Or, even worse, they pick up and go elsewhere.

It is encouraging to see someone of Bezos’ stature calling out the president, and it’s about time. Now if only he would make a call to his editors at WaPo and demand they start acting like a legitimate newspaper.

By Jordan Case

Jordan Case offers opinions from the unique perspective of both entrepreneur and parent and is a regular contributor to The Blue State ConservativeJordan does not participate in the cesspool of social media. 

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