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Rumors Swirling That Kamala Harris Was Drunk During Presidential Debate (VIDEO)

Resurfaced video from one of the 2019 presidential debates for Democrat candidates is being used to suggest that Kamala Harris was tipsy while on stage. Now, the more we have gotten to know Kamala, the more inclined I am to write it off as her utterly buffoonish venality, but all options might as well be on the table for our idiot ruling class. 

She’s just so bad at what she does that it’s easier to explain intoxication than believing someone can be that stupid.

There’s also the fact that she is twice in her position for reasons other than merit. There is, of course, the prostituting of her soul for political power. That history is well documented. There is then the inescapable reality that she was selected as Veep, and likely Senator as well, as a result of her genitals and skin color. 

She has to go to bed every night knowing she is useless, undeserving, and a laughingstock of the entire world. That’s seven billion people that are embarrassed for her. I might drink, too.

Here is how the media outlet USA Supreme covered the video.

“We found a video from the 2019 Dem primary debate, where Kamala Harris is looking and acting like she’s intoxicated as she speaks with Joe Biden

The video was cut out of ABC’s debate coverage and we can all tell why. It’s really over the top.

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Now, the reason this caught my attention is that over the past year, I have done several pieces on Kamala, where she behaves like she’s drunk.

She gets really, really animated, and loud, which is quite a juxtaposition from her usual cardboard personality.”

“Well, I mean, I would just say, hey, Joe, instead of saying, no, we can’t, let’s say yes, we can.”

Yes, Joe, let’s just rip up the Constitution and then accuse Donald Trump of ruining democracy. Genius!

I admit I am not quite sure what this person meant when it was cut out of the ABC coverage. I did some digging and the line made it in the official transcript (57:26) of the debate. This video was also made available on YouTube. One finally must wonder how Kamala appeared sober for the first hour and then, without any commercial breaks or chance to hit a flask, lost her ability to display decorum.

Honestly, I don’t chalk this moment up to anything other than her unbridled zeal for power and her feeling of moral superiority stemming from her truly harmful ideologies. She got caught up in the moment, figured Democrat voters will always pull the lever for more “free” stuff and more “yes” ideas than having to live in a world of restraint and responsibility, and then she promptly pulled out of the race because people still hated her.

Still, it’d be great if this were true.