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Traitors Or Patriots, Bald Eagles Or Vultures… Biden’s America In Conflict And Decline

American eagles have morphed into buzzards feeding on our national corpse.

There is no discernable difference between government or corporate bureaucrats.  Even assuming that systemic government plans for elite rule were ever viable in any form, the ‘crats would have ruined their effects during the attempted implementation.  But since the plans are just a shell concealing graft and corruption, examination of them is not allowed by our media and other public forums. Nothing positive ever arises from tax dollars being stolen from our pockets to fund our betters third and fourth homes and personal jets.  This malignancy has grown until now it is eating us alive.

The ultimate slap in the face is that the positive aspects of the constitution are being evaded or ignored so that illicit activities can be conducted surreptitiously.  The socialists only enforce laws that affect their political enemies or a convenient scapegoat. Allowing this is the ultimate example of our degradation.  The most positive result of the Trump presidency was the shining of lights into the corruption of our governments across the country, both national and local thereby bringing outraged citizens to the fore.

The current blizzard of attacks on rule of law and our Constitution makes it impossible to be aware of each malfeasance. There are too many ongoing scandals for an honest citizen to keep abreast of or understand.

Portions of the blizzard include the Department of Truth, millions of illegal aliens crossing the border to be supported by tax dollars while not being required to submit to a shot as citizens are, food being processed into fuel, closing oil drilling on public land, illegal war with Russia over Ukraine, the abortion conundrum, the flu bug, the CDC kickback from Pharma scandals, the Chinese Wuhan lab ordering NIH around, no equal application of law to the CIA and FBI and other political operatives, the Supreme Court opinion leak, the Capitol political prisoners, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer research proved to be fiction for which they bought government immunity, Federal Reserve insider trading and Ukrainian bio-labs funded by the USA to name a few.  It is impossible to keep abreast of these concurrent scandals. The simpletons’ media certainly will not discuss these situations.  DC has turned into an American version of Vichy getting orders from Bilderburg instead of Berlin.

The private sector is not private anymore.  Government contracts are the crown jewel of a corporate boardroom.  These contracts require bowing before the current politically offended group but are well worth the effort in many cases, however, we have seen many formerly great companies fold to political pressure and found that their new “wokeness”  leads to bankruptcy.

The new ESG programs (this is the companies’ score using the new environmental, social, and governmental criteria ) will be a requirement for government business contracts using your money.  This requires obeisance, deeper auditing, and control of large corporations.  This is too large a burden for small businesses which was another reason they were closed during the flu bug so that big controllable businesses would be the only survivors. The banks paid off DC politicians to be bailed out of bad loans with your money in the ’80s, 2000, and 2008 with the “too big to fail” moniker.  I wonder where that money came from? Corporate socialism wins again.

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There is an interesting historical parallel between Rome and the current USA.  When the Arch of the Emperor Septimius Severus was being built in the second century, there was no craftsman who could sculpt the statues and figures available.  They had to walk down the street to the Arch of Titus and take some to fill the void.

Recently the president of the Colonial Pipeline company admitted that they had to pay a $5 million ransom to return their lines to operation due to a hack.  Apparently, there was no one available who knew how to manually operate the valve system to counteract the computer controls that had been hacked.  This tells me two things.  One is that the soy boys in the office are not competent in replacing the innovative intelligent men that build and design systems.  Two is that these actual workers had all resigned or retired with no trained replacement in sight.  That means that the other soybean accountant types understand numbers but not the work that creates them.

The last admission was that the men that retired were not going to get the clot shot required for further employment.  ESG struck and then disappeared into the mist leaving us to suffer the craven fools’ need for control.  Our societal structure is now a hindrance not help to our innovation and strength and leadership.

The difference between a traitor and a patriot is which side wins.

The Madame

Still Knitting

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

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Featured photo by Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons