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Problem Solved: How To End Gun Violence Immediately

Gun violence – the bane of human existence in America.  Gun violence – the liberals, Democrats, academics, and snowflakes’ favorite drum to beat for more! Gun! Laws! Outright gun prohibition still isn’t enough to end gun violence. Even the word “gun” triggers (pun intended) those with virgin ears!

What if “gun violence” can be eliminated in 24 hours tops; completely eradicated from society? No 2nd Amendment violations. In fact, the 2A isn’t a factor at all! No confiscations. No snarky BATFE back-door regulations. No oppressive targeted (pun intended again) taxes. No freedom-robbing side-effects whatsoever and guaranteed 100% effective. Interested? Of course, you are! Who could be in favor of “gun violence”?

Google “Gun Violence”. In a mere .68 seconds, 367,000,000 responses. That’s an arsenal of material on “gun violence”! And while there are thousands and thousands of opinions, editorials, and podium-pounding pontifications littering the research landscape, amazingly none have offered what we are providing here: the guaranteed end of “gun violence”

Ready? Here it is: Change the Name. There is no such thing. “Gun violence” is fake news – and provably so.

Fact: No firearm of any age, type, size, gauge, caliber, or magazine capacity has ever – ever – been violent. Obvious as it is, no firearm is capable of firing itself. Proof?

In a controlled experiment, 116 of my closest friends, of every sex, race, and ethnicity, who own at least one firearm, selected a gun, loaded it to full capacity with a round in the chamber, and placed it on a flat surface in their home or office; urban, suburban and rural locations were included. The Safety was OFF! No access to the room was barred or denied; a light was on 24/7 for 90 consecutive days. Here are the astounding results, tabulated, and Notarized:

Not one of the 116 test firearms moved in any manner whatsoever. None discharged themselves. None caused any harm; no noise, personal or property damage during the test period.

The test results are conclusive: “Gun Violence” does not exist.

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“But wait!” you say, ’gun violence’ has been reported by reputable news organizations, print, and broadcast, for decades.” You were correct – up to “reputable”. Any news source using the term “gun violence” is guilty of fake news cum agenda, a common problem in what passes for today’s journalism.

The term “Gun violence” separates the human element from the deadly action. This is the goal of Omission Journalism (reporting news and omitting relevant facts): condition the News Consumer to believe no human being was responsible for the results of “gun violence”. Not only does that erode the human conscience, the sense of right and wrong, it absolves society from holding the individual personally responsible for whatever damage was done by discharging a weapon. By blaming an inanimate object and not a sentient being, natural rights to self-defense and gun ownership can be easily stripped away. “It’s the gun’s fault, not yours! Get rid of guns! Go in peace!”

And now, those nasty, impersonal firearms have an accomplice! NBC News (try not to snicker) recently reported:

More guns are being stolen out of cars in alarming trend across the nation. At least 180 cities reported increases in gun thefts from cars from 2019 to 2020. They are now the largest source of stolen guns.”

See? It isn’t the human scum bag stealing the weapon, it’s the car allowing it! Later in the piece, NBC wants you to believe it’s mostly the ignorant rubes south of the Mason- Dixon Line who don’t have the coveted Harvard-Yale education to know better than to leave the trusty .45 lying on the dashboard. Of course, their story doesn’t bother to provide details of the theft, just that they were taken from vehicles – and we need to worry because these stolen firearms have a better chance of being used in a subsequent crime. Imagine! Some scrungebucket who would steal a gun may use it in committing “crime”, cleverly ignoring theft is a crime in itself.

(The condescension is strong among our sartorially resplendent News Elites!)

Another proof of the “fake news” called “gun violence” is the consistent application of semantic negatives: “gun” = bad. “AR-15” = bad. “Assault weapon” = bad. “Weapons of war” = bad. More proof is in the exercise of Compare and Contrast. Examples:

Ever hear a News Reader describe a knife used in a stabbing? Was it a butcher knife? Folder? Fixed blade? Switchblade? Skinning” Filet? Steak? Butter? How can the News Consumer fully appreciate the horror and gore of a good old Saturday Night Knifing without specifics? How else can we end Knife Violence!

“Drownings in swimming pools” are responsible for more deaths per year than firearms. You can look it up.  “Assault Pools” with “deadly slides”! Dangerous diving boards! High salt content! Ugly pool noodles! Obese Cannonballers? Shirley, we need to end Pool Violence!

There are persistent efforts to label as deadly, politically incorrect vehicles: “A family minivan was struck by an SUV!” Imagine! A gas-guzzling, over-built-with-real-steel SUV! The poor mini-van and its passengers never had a chance! (No mention that the mini-van driver swerved over the center line to avoid a jay-walking squirrel and directly into the path of the Lincoln Navigator). Is the News or New Green Deal enhanced by including the make and model of the guilty vehicle? Shouldn’t we end SUV Violence?

What about those charged with DUI? Did Jack Daniels force itself down the driver’s throat? Or was it Thunderbird? Old Barstool? Rot-Gut Select?  The Public has a right to know to absolve innocent drunk drivers of their personal responsibility. The $10K it’s going to cost in fines and auto insurance increases is OK, but we must have the brand of the co-conspirator. End Booze Violence Now!

Heart Disease is America’s #1 killer. When did you last hear a news report someone died of “heart disease, the nation’s #1 killer!” How does one contract heart disease? Poor eating habits tops the list. But we need to know exactly what was eaten!?  Pizza? Fried Chicken? Triple Bacon Burgersaurus? Something must be held responsible for that unexpected myocardial infraction! “Fred was such a nice guy.” End Junk Food Violence!

You get the point.

Gun Violence is fake news used to increase Kleenex sales while maintaining ignorance among the emotional and uninformed. Stop using the term. It assigns blame, guilt, and responsibility to an inanimate object.  Stop using the term and it disappears. In its place will stand Individual Responsibility. Freedom cannot exist without it. Failure to exercise Individual Responsibility creates a void Government happily fills with laws, rules, regulations, and mandates of the type tyrants are happy to enforce.

Omitting the fake news of “gun violence” will be one of those great first steps.

By Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson is a nationally ignored talk show host and occasional un-indicted co-contributor. He recently released his fourth book, “50 Stories; 50 Years in Radio”, now busily scribbling an unlikely screenplay for Book #3. With his spare hour, he is focused on splitting the atom and pursuing the ever-elusive Whirled Peas, all from his technically challenged studios on the formerly pristine shores of the Great Unnamed Lake, allegedly in the Southeast. Brian is also a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative.

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