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America’s Battle for Ballots… Monsters, Degenerates and, The “Red Wave”

The battle for the ballots is almost always streamlined in altruistic accolades of a kind of babbling and lying that would make the Hollywood “pretenders” (not actors—they pretend, they don’t act) blush if they had any humility.  Johnny Depp, Amber Heard—humble?

Anyway, about the ballots.

The battle for ballots, whether legal or illegal ones -who knows these days? – are rendered between politicians who represent what has been called for eons, political parties. Many, worship and serve these parties to the point of a religiosity almost concomitant with Aztec sacrificial rituals.

The current tribes, battling for just over a century and a half are named Democrats and Republicans. They are caricatured as Mules and Elephants. Why? Who knows or cares? But certainly, a good reason might be that they love to show off as if in a huge parade, then like their caricatured name-sakes they leave piles of dung in the streets for the voters to clean up.

As well, the tribes have become color-coded in today’s news and comments as Blues (Democrats) and Reds (Republicans).

This year’s battle appears as an engagement as one-sided as Custer vs Crazy Horse. At least that’s what the pundits, strategists or consultants, or whatever handle the professional dung droppers choose to hang on themselves seems to suggest: In the battle for the ballots next November, the Reds are Crazy Horse and the Blues are Custer.

The word about and around the nightly chatter on cable news (?) is that this is a so-called “red wave” and will bring the country—long since having ceased being a Union—into the righteous Republican red land of goody, goody.

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Make no mistake, the Democrats are what only a couple of generations ago (about 50 years) would be called sick, twisted monsters. No? They are in love with sodomy, murder, (abortion), pedophilia, theft (socialistic confiscation) and the list goes on. They degenerate more and more year by year. I go back more than two generations and that’s what I call them: monsters and degenerates.

Ahh, the red wave to the rescue? Nope. They may be red and not blue but they are not much up on their blue political counterparts when it comes to honor or integrity.

That red bunch of treasury-hijacking pirates, calling themselves Republicans and their payoff lobbyists ghouls are salivating at the prospect of a war in Europe.  Two of our good ol’ Texas boys, John Cornyn and Dan Crenshaw (to name just two of the loudest) sailed off with Mitch McConnell to Ukraine at the taxpayers’ expense and are salivating at the thought of the Military-Industrial Complex opening the champagne bottles for WWIII.

This is their red wave.  Bombs and Blood! And, anyway, they didn’t like Ike, any more than Lindbergh.

A demented president, a congress comprised of generates and monsters, and a poetically referred to so-called  “Loyal Opposition” that is made up of pirates and warmongers. No kind of a wave, red or not is any match for this.

Democrats. Republicans. These are the ballot seekers. Most members of either in all probability could not tell you the meaning of the names they have had assigned themselves.

And if they, could it would make no difference because the modern and most meaningful moniker will cover it all.

The American union ended in 1865 when the last vestiges of any republic died in the South. Then came the birth of a “nation.” Today that nation is dying a rapid death and the new moniker will be an assignation fitting for lobbyists, war-mongers, monsters, and degenerates:

The Deep State.

And it gets deeper and deeper!

By Paul Yarbrough

Paul Yarbrough is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative. He writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller. His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

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