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Yikes: U.S. Intelligence Worried About “Nuclear Test” In North Korea During Biden Visit

The undisputed weakling in the White House has a scheduled trip to South Korea and Japan later this week, and he has already modified the schedule based on national intelligence reports suggesting Kim Jong Un, fittingly nicknamed Little Rocket Man by Donald Trump, was prepared to conduct either ongoing ballistic missile tests or even resume testing of his nuclear capabilities.

Does anyone not see this as yet another global power (yes, nuclear weapons are the great equalizer and that makes North Korea a global power) muscling up to Joe Biden and forcing his pathetic surrender?

The Daily Mail provides some cover for Biden, noting:

“National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said Wednesday that U.S. intelligence said there’s a ‘genuine possibility’ that North Korea could conduct a missile or nuclear test while President Joe Biden is visiting South Korea or Japan later this week.

‘We are preparing for all contingencies, including the possibility that such a provocation would occur while we are in Korea or in Japan,’ Sullivan said during Wednesday’s press briefing.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also said Wednesday that Biden ‘will not visit the DMZ’ while in South Korea, the Korean Demilitarized Zone, which separates North and South Korea.”

This is Spotting the Loser 101. Kim knows Biden is coming, makes a few facts come to light for our “intelligence” agencies, and then watches as Biden predictably crumbles in the international spotlight. Could he be any less respected or feared at this point?

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And for anyone suggesting not going to the DMZ is a good choice, or thinking that it would have been provocative to fo at all, the Daily Mail reminds its readers that White House visits to the border barrier is not uncommon for sitting presidents. Nor it is even uncommon for Joe Biden himself.

The Daily Mail resumes:

“Biden visited the DMZ as vice president in 2013. 

More recently, former President Donald Trump went to the DMZ in June of 2019 and crossed into North Korea, meeting leader Kim Jong Un, a year after they first held talks in Singapore.” 

Now, I don’t have copyright access to the image, but there is a fantastic photo of former president Donald Trump meeting North Korea’s psychotic despot meeting in the demilitrarized zone at the 38th parallel. Trump famously got a ton of heat for meeting with Kim, but notice how he walked right up to the pudgy psycho without worrying about nuclear tests. What can be said of Biden? Anyways, it’s a fantastic photograph if you click over.

As far as Biden and his feckless foreign presence, the lack of backbone and bending over to tyrants from this current administration has to be historically unprecedented. Of the many international disasters seemingly invited by this corrupt coward, Afghanistan and Ukraine come to mind immediately. What did pulling out of Afghanistan so haphazardly accomplish? What has tens of billions going to Ukraine accomplished? 

Moreover, while Biden blunders on the big stage, he apparently doesn’t mind getting Americans’ hands dirty in unstrategic, failed places like Somalia. Just a few days ago it was reported that Biden would be reversing yet another Trump policy and send several hundreds American soldiers to the backwater “nation” of Somalia. So he’s tough on regionalized Mogadishu warlords but not global threats like Putin or Kim?

Once again, the only conclusion is that these decisions have to be voluntarily and knowingly made, because no one can be this stupid this often.

Joe Biden’s visit to the Korean peninsula will definitely be worth watching.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.