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Watch: AOC Skips The Makeup, Mocks Christians For Being Pro-Life

AOC is dumb, there is no question about that. What people fail to mention about her though is how mean and hateful she is, too. It goes without saying that if you are a leftist then you definitionally hate people. You love the state, you love power, and you absolutely hate people if you’re on the left.

AOC sums this up perfectly on a daily basis, but really clinches this idea in an unhinged rant against Christians, whom she has now decided are all fundamentalists if they believe in God and believe in the inherent value of human life. 

Side note: I am still waiting for the day when AOC will put “fundamentalist” Muslims on blast for denying basic rights to women in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, or elsewhere, as well as question why even countries like Iran prevent abortions at all. 

Watch AOC as she goes on an incoherent, forty-five second tirade against good, decent people defending the lives of the unborn.

“For people who say, ‘oh, you’re harming a life. I believe this is life.’ Well some religions don’t, so how about that?

Our Jewish brothers and sisters, they are able to have an abortion according to their faith.

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There are so many faiths that do not have the same definition of life as fundamentalist Chrisitans. What about their rights? What about their right to exercise their faith?

It is ridiculous. And it is theocratic. It’s authoritarian. It is wrong.”

I am not aware of any religion that suggests life has no worth until its physical geography is a few inches past the womb, but leaving that aside, it’s absuird to think the decidedly atheistic AOC knows anything at all about Judaism. Is she versed in a version of Talmudic law that condones or encourages infant mutilation?

As it turns out, a piece turned up in American Thinker just the other day that does a great job breaking down some basic principles guiding abortion in religious Jewish circles. I won’t cite the whole piece, but it’s worth reading in its entirety for a better perspective on the issue. It’s certainly a more comprehensive and intelligent synopsis than the one AOC attempts to provide.

In part, here is what the article offers on the issue of abortion:

“[W]e recognize that the ensoulment is a secret of God, and we do not make legal distinctions based on something that is unknowable.  So even though the fetus is considered part of the mother, our Sages allowed for abortions if the mother’s life was endangered (Talmud Sanhedrin 72b), in the same way that an arm may be amputated if it puts the mother’s life at risk.

This concept of the fetus being a life-threatening risk to the mother is called a “rodef”, or “pursuer”.  If the fetus is threatening the life of the mother, it may be aborted based on this concept, even into the third trimester…

But this too has limits.  As soon as the greater part of the head has emerged, or the completion of 36 weeks, the baby is now considered its own life and may not be touched, for we “do not set aside one life for another” (Sanhedrin 72b).  At that point, even if the birthing process is suddenly life threatening to the mother, we do not allow the child to be aborted.  Who is to say that the baby is threatening the mother’s life at that point, and not the mother threatening the newborn baby’s life?  Solutions other than abortion must be attempted since they are at that point, two separate lives.  “We must save her by other treatments.” (Pahad Yitzhak).”

We can only imagine how AOC would respond to this matter-of-fact explanation.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.

Featured image: nrkbeta, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons