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Watch: Kamala Harris Makes Yet Another Embarrassing Public Speaking Gaffe, Video Goes Viral

Can you imagine being a worse communicator than Joe Biden?

Seriously, what kind of knuckle-dragger would you have to be to earn that humiliating moniker?

Well, just ask Kamala Harris, because honestly, she’s worse than Bumbling Joe, and here’s why:

Joe has an excuse.

He’s got oatmeal for brains, and can’t string a sentence together to save his life… what’s Kamala’s excuse?

This woman consistently sounds like she’s in 7th grade, giving a book report on a book she’s never read.

It’s dreadful beyond belief, and she has no excuse.

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She’s young, she’s educated, and she’s been in politics and/or public service for most of her life.

So what gives?

Why, after all that, does Kamala still say stuff like THIS:

It’s so bad, right? Who is writing these speeches for her? I can’t believe her staff allows this junk to go out.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“What is happening with this woman? She’s getting worse as the days go on”

“This is what replaces Biden? Agh. We’re in trouble.”

“When you have an essay with a word limit”

After #Kamala finishes her vice presidency, I truly hope she stays in the public domain in some shape or form. She’s lowering the threshold for all of us considerably. When I listen to her speak, I truly believe I deserve to become a President.”

“How many words are in her vocabulary? I bet you could count them on two hands.”

“If she’s this stupid now, wait until she loses her mind like Dementia Joe.”

“Our VP has sh*t for brains”

“So what she’s saying is that the children of the community are the children of the community? Got it.”

Another useless word salad from Kamala… I’ve never seen someone say so much, but makes zero sense.

Her “condition” would be fascinating if it wasn’t so infuriating that we’re all dealing with this insane clown show.

This story syndicated with permission from Wayne Dupree