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America Staring into the Abyss: What’s Next?

The United States of America is staring into the abyss of dissolution.  We provided a beacon of hope for an overpopulated starving world but our own light is quite close to being extinguished.  The lines of illegals at the borders point to the need for an island of safety in a deteriorating world.  The change in immigration policy after World War 1 allowed a generation of new citizens to assimilate.  Today the cry of diversity washes over the land with the hormone-possessed wail of a 14-year-old girl.  It ignores the fact that for 200 years new immigrants were expected to conform to our ways and gladly did so because of the horrid conditions in their home country.

What has changed so radically in our thoughts about our society?  The first idea is that we were an agricultural society at the time.  The countries in Europe from which most immigrants arrived were also.  The problem in Europe was not enough land for the peasants to grow enough food to prosper or even survive. Our abundance of land allowed a ready-made way to begin a new life with an understood skill. These opportunities that were seized upon contributed greatly to our coming wealth and world admiration.  The chances of success certainly were better than looking down the same row of corn as your great grandfather had done 100 years earlier.

Our new wealth allowed the social intrusion by the “betters” of society to attempt to create a system to help the unfortunate.  Sadly they felt government by experts was helpful because it prevented them from getting their own hands dirty. This method of secondary support only benefited the program administrators and failed in its’ alleged goals. This school of thought has created a never-ending parade of “victims” to save which is camouflage for the social misfits desperate for an elevated place in society. The current trendy mantra created by this need is diversity.  Most people recognize when they require assistance and request it.  The mandated diversity inserts people into the system that have no qualifications or experience.  These new members can only exist by these mandates.

The current diversity conundrum can easily be addressed.  The actual number of people that believe they are discriminated against by the evil white society is a small group that does not bring any advantages to our society.  The sexually confused group has an amygdala issue that is genetic and cannot be cured.  An unfortunate percentage of young black men prey on other blacks and the unlucky for fun and profit.  The criminal drug gangs add a huge number of deaths as well as destruction and costs to our society.

This is not a new phenomenon as historically we have had various tribes or individuals that did not immerse themselves in our culture.  What is a new development is the attempt to adjust the norms of the larger society to the advantage of the socially bereft.  They include art history and human sexuality majors grasping for a paycheck from the HR department.

Historically these people also included religious fanatics that would not adjust their behaviors to the current society.  The entire reformation/counter-reformation religious wars were used as the excuse to purge politically inconvenient people from the state. Millions of people died for reasons we cannot fathom today.

The political power brokers have used these simple foot soldiers throughout history.  When the desired goal is achieved they are cast out to be recycled as needed.  Puritans, abolitionists in the past, and civil rights groups that call for women’s rights, racial rights, and homosexual rights are currently at the fore.

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Looking back thru history one answer for these difficulties leaps from the pages.  Transportation!  This was used to populate Australia using convicts thereby purging the unwanted and/or unneeded from Britain.  The current groups have nothing but complaints about their status and treatments.  They are also very easily exploited by corrupt rulers to meet their needs.  They are the foot soldiers that spend their time cheering on the “abused” of the day without taking any responsibility for the continuing behaviors of the abused set.

The transportation system could work well today.  Many of the convicts that are being released into the streets could be sent to the Congo for their sentence while paying the Congolese government a fee per head.  It would save quite a bit of money and they might even improve their behaviors after a decade or two. We could also purchase land in Brazil and send the fat screaming kids there to create their own idea of societal perfection far from the influence of evil whitey.  This would also relieve society of huge financial burdens.  If they were successful in the new creation, we could emulate the model here.  This is the proverbial win-win!

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