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“I’mma Go Punch Somebody”: Whoopi Goldberg Reacts Violently To Republicans Offering “Thoughts And Prayers”

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of ABC’s The View, entered a new realm of insanity in one her most recent monologues as she discussed the proper way to deal with the unthinkable tragedy in Uvalde. 

She wants to assault anyone that offers condolences to the victims and next of kin.

While the obese, cane-ridden Goldberg moves poses about as much of a threat to my chin as Joe Biden does to a mental acuity test, the larger point of her comment cannot be missed. Goldberg, speaking for all deranged leftists, said the quiet part out loud. They hate us and want us hurt

Here is Whoopi in her comorbid unglory:

The folks over at Patriot Fetch narrated the entire absurd chain of events:

“Goldberg was talking about how she’s tired of hearing politicians give “thoughts and prayers” and she specifically mentioned Republicans during her response to the shooting tragedy.

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She used a video clip of Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) calling for gun control within hours of the shooting — and he ended his emotional speech with a question, saying “what are we doing?”

So that’s the question. What are we doing? Because we’re – why are we always at square one with this? And I swear to God, if I see another Republican senator talk about their heart being broken, I’m going to punch somebody.”

“I can’t take any — thoughts and prayers. If your thoughts and prayers really were with everybody, you would have done something by now,” Goldberg insisted, adding, “What the hell is going on?””

As if one brainless hyena weren’t enough, Goldberg’s irredeemable colleague, the mean, angry, and bitter Joy Behar wanted a piece of the action, too. Patriot Fetch once again had the scoop:

“Joy Behar chimed in asking for people to stop gaslighting her and commented on mental illness.

Joy said: “I want them to stop gaslighting me also… Stop saying it’s not guns that kill people. It’s people that kill people. It’s guns that kill people, okay? Stop saying the opposite… There’s mental illness in every country in the world, and they don’t have this problem. So stop gaslighting me on that one, and stop saying that you can have a good guy stop a bad guy with a gun… We have seen in both of these shootings in the past three weeks that a good guy tried and could not do it.””

People often talk about uniting this nation, but if this conversation proves anything, it’s that there is no longer a tenable middle ground. Whoopi is tired of talking and wants violence. Behar thinks we are gaslighting her with facts. There is no coming back. Just as with any marriage that has run its course, while not preferable, sometimes both parties are better off with a divorce. America, for the sake of everyone, needs to split.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.