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Shocking Details Of Sexual Assault In Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Come To Light

“Disturbing accounts of women being sexually assaulted and harassed in the metaverse are racking up, according to online watchdogs.” So says the New York Post in a recent revelatory article detailing the lurid experiences of Metaverse (i.e. virtual reality) users.

According to the Post, encounters that are unwanted and/or overtly sexual in nature are far from uncommon. From the sounds of it, the virtual world that Mark Zuckerberg, Klaus Schwab, and all of the other megalomaniacal global tyrants want to plug us into is nothing short of a pretend hellscape.

On one hand, it’s kind of hilarious, because users opt in to a completely fake world and OF COURSE it’s being abused, but on the other hand it’s disturbing that the desired trappings of globalists is replete with would-be horrific episodes of terror and assault. 

The New York Post writes about several instances of sexual assault:

“One 21-year-old woman says she was raped within one hour of being in the metaverse, according to a a new report from SumOfUs, a “nonprofit advocacy organization and online community that campaigns to hold corporations accountable” for a variety of alleged infractions.

The young woman, who works as a researcher for the group‚ was led into a private room at a party on “Horizon Worlds,” a metaverse platform released by Meta last December in the US and Canada that allows users to gather with others, play games and build their own virtual worlds. 

She has claimed her avatar was then raped by a user while another watched and passed around a virtual bottle of vodka — and others could be seen watching through a window.”

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I won’t begin to pretend I know what this means. How is your digital body forcibly raped, and how can you not simply stop it from happening? Can’t you just unplug or take the headset off? There is more from the Post:

“In 2021, co-founder and VP of metaverse research at Kabuni Nina Jane Patel shared her experience of being “verbally and sexually harassed” within 60 seconds of logging onto “Horizon Worlds.” She reported that three to four male avatars “virtually gang raped” her and took photos shouting crude remarks.”

 Again, I have more questions about the experience. What are they taking photos of? Not done yet, the Post continued with more user experiences:

“Logging into the “Population One” app, which is owned by Meta, Chanelle Siggens reported being approached by another player, who then “simulated groping and ejaculating onto her avatar.” Another “Population One” user, Mari DeGrazia, reported witnessing harassment more than three times per week while in the app. DeGrazia also experienced abuse herself while wearing a VR vest, when “another player groped her avatar’s chest.””

And yet another was even more graphic:

“While exploring the metaverse logged into “Lone Echo VR,” another app owned by Meta, Sydney Smith encountered “lewd, sexist remarks” as another player claimed to have “recorded her [voice]” in order to “jerk off.” After the troubling incident, Smith described having difficulty reporting the player in the game.” 

It sounds like they have a few issues to work out. 

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She is a contributing author at Trending Politics and writes regularly at The Blue State Conservative.