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WATCH: Gun Crime Rises to New Levels on Live TV in This Liberal City

Chicago is a mess, and the staff at The Blue State Conservative has been documenting the city’s descent into complete lawlessness for months now. Violent crime is out of control in the Windy City under Mayor Lori Lightfoot, with almost 800 murders last year, record-breaking violence in its most problematic neighborhoods, and more murders than any other city in the country despite only being the third-largest.

Chicago has been run exclusively by Democrats for over 90 years, and Illinois, the state in which Chicago lies, is run by a Democratic governor and legislature. Democrats have complete control of Chicago and Illinois as a whole.

Resultingly, the soft-on-crime approach by Lightfoot, her city council, and Governor J.B. Pritzker’s team in Springfield have yielded previously unseen levels of carnage. But what happened on live TV on Wednesday in the city is remarkable even by Chicago’s standards. Watch:

As we see in the footage, a man walking directly behind reporter Joanie Lum casually pulls out a firearm, points it at Lum and her camera crew, and continues walking unmolested. As reporter Natalie Bomke notes, the armed man is being sought by police and is to be accused of aggravated assault with a firearm.

There are two main aspects of this incident that make it particularly noteworthy. First is the irony of what happened. Joanie Lum is on the streets of Chicago reporting on gun violence, and right on cue, here comes a man pointing a gun at her. It’s an occurrence that truly belongs in the category of: “Stuff you can’t make up.”

But what’s even more disturbing about the man’s actions is his brazenness. He’s walking casually by Lum and her crew with a firearm on live television and then points it at them without a care in the world. Would such a troubling happening take place in a city that was tough-on-crime? If the man truly feared the repercussions of his actions, would he be so bold as to do what he did on live TV? If people such as this maniac actually feared being held accountable by no-nonsense government officials and law enforcement, would they just walk around with a gun and flash it at folks without a second thought?

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It’s also worth noting that both the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois have some of the strictest gun laws in the country. What this video illustrates, among other things, is the complete impotence of gun control laws if they aren’t enforced. So, while Democrats and their media mourn the 21 dead students and teachers in Uvalde, Texas, and blame a lack of gun control as the impetus, remember this video. And remember the mayhem that comes with government incompetence and leniency, regardless of what gun control laws are in place.

By Jordan Case

Jordan Case offers opinions from the unique perspective of both entrepreneur and parent and is a regular contributor to The Blue State ConservativeJordan does not participate in the cesspool of social media. 

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