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Yes, The Left Politicizes Tragedies… Conservatives Need To Stop Complaining And Do The Same

Whenever I hear the news that there’s been another school shooting, my heart breaks. To know that innocent children have violently had their lives cut short is something that pains our hearts. It makes some wonder what is going on in the world today. What could have been done? What should be done? These questions will be talked about enough in the media and among our fellow countrymen. I come to address another point.

As soon as these shootings happen, I always hear an idea parroted. “This tragedy shouldn’t be politicized.” I hear it repeated so much and it sounds good, right? We should act in a dignified manner, and act in unity, not in division. That is the sentiment that the phrase generally seems to communicate. And who could disagree with that?

This time with the Uvalde, Texas shooting, nothing is different. The shooting happens, the media goes into overdrive, people share their thoughts regarding firearms on social media, and it’s inevitable that a bunch of people, particularly the conservatives, start talking about “not politicizing” the incident.

Unfortunately, if you take two seconds to actually break down this phrase it falls apart. In this instance, conservatives are typically the ones acting like NPCs, parroting what they’ve heard some other conservatives say. That’s actually why I’m writing this. I want to actually do things to help the country, not just say things that make me feel nice for saying them. Let’s dissect this idea.

What does it mean to “politicize” something? To politicize means: cause (an activity or event) to become political in character. In turn, what does “political” mean? Political- relating to the government or the public affairs of a country.

So, the question then becomes: What should be done to solve the issue of school shootings? But wouldn’t you know it, everyone knows it involves the government! What a revelation? Liberals and Conservatives disagree on what the government should do, but they both agree that it requires legislative action.

The overwhelming part of the population acts on emotion. Logic is but an afterthought, and even then, only to some. So, if people in positions of power wanted to create momentum to protect children in schools, the smartest time to do it would be in the aftermath of a tragedy like this.

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“But what about the feelings of the victim’s families and friends? Shouldn’t we be mindful of that?” Of course, we should! The problem is by abandoning action at opportune times, we’ve only ensured a longer time until the issue is resolved. In other words, more dead children. And honestly what is gained by “not politicizing” the issue?

It’s not peace for the families. The media will do what it will do. And “not politicizing” definitely doesn’t bring back their loved ones. It’s not unity between the left and the right. Guess what?!? People who kill babies and who groom children, or who at the very least support those things are not people we were ever united with in the first place, and honestly you shouldn’t want to be united with such people.

The only thing that comes out of conservatives “not politicizing” the issue is ceding legal and cultural ground to people whose suggestions are for more gun control, which will result in more people being killed. Conservatives just keep coming up with more ways to justify losing. More ways to justify inaction. “Not politicizing” an issue is easy.

Taking time out of your schedule to research gun control and solutions is hard. Having the courage to tell others that they are wrong, especially when you’re alone in doing so, is hard. Writing a controversial article telling conservatives that they’re wrong about “not politicizing” isn’t necessarily hard, but let me tell you it won’t win me many popularity points.

Bottom line: I am sick of conservatives losing. I am sick of the radical left and its policies, which harm children and society, winning. And heaven forbid you suggest that parents just take responsibility for their own children by homeschooling instead of relying on the government to provide for us and fix our problems for us.

But in the meantime, I won’t give the radicals another inch under the guise of morality. I am politicizing anything that relates directly to government. Public schools are government facilities that have time after time failed to protect children! Who should I charge with responsibility? Taco Bell?!? The International Chess Federation?!? Or perhaps the government, the ones who are in charge of the schools?

I write bluntly because nothing else seems to work. The government has taken children via compulsory schooling and truancy laws. The lawmakers have armed guards. The politicians have armed guards, but they haven’t done much to protect vulnerable children. So yeah, I think I’m going to politicize it.

By Noah Blaylock

Noah Blaylock is a conservative who advocates educational freedom, as well as other socially conservative policies. He was the host of The Noah Blaylock Show. He is currently running his blog

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