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Does Big Pharma Share Any Blame In Plague Of Mass Shootings?

The pharmaceutical destruction of our society has arrived and should be recognized. Thirty-seven of the recent mass shooters across the country were taking an anti-depressant at the time of the incidents.

The ’50s were a watershed in our country in many ways.

The optimism in our country was bubbling.  The US was recognized as the world leader in science and technology.  We could eliminate polio, measles, and smallpox with an actual vaccine.  Malaria and other tropical diseases were being treated successfully with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.  Lifespans in the world were increasing as well due to our research for greater crop yields.  Drugs could do anything!

Women in the US had made great financial strides during and after World War 2 with many rising from poverty into the middle class.  Working in a field or factory and rearing children in a home with no running water or electricity required much energy and dedication.  This left no time for depression or other petty problems as real depression comes from an empty dinner plate and being cold all night.  A major change was occurring as new horizons were opening for women in society.

At home, this prosperity created problems with many women’s mental health. Free time and a full stomach lead to introspection and introspection can lead to depression or other issues. At least 56% of women that identify as liberal today admit they are under psychiatric care.  There were attempts to control hormonal emotional reactions in women during pregnancy in the 50s with thalidomide but had horrible results. This failure did not inhibit experiments to address these problems.  Then Midol hit the market with a bang in time to complement the new birth control pill.  Pharma was on the verge of a huge profit wave.

The other new situation was the closing of the state mental health hospitals that began in the early 70s.  What were we to do with the current and future inmates?  Pharma again stepped into the fore with a new plan.  We will drug them to make them amenable to our society.  Hail valium! Unfortunately, no one was able to anticipate or research what if any, the long-term genetic damage could be.  These new drugs were hailed as a cure for emotional instability but adverse reactions were kept under the radar because few people wanted to admit that they needed drugs to cope with life.  Today a majority take these drugs with no societal inhibitions.

The upswing in mass school shootings by young people of their peer group is a new development.  Many kids in the past have been bullied and wanted revenge but have settled for “telling” the teacher or trying to stay out of the way.  The new response can be getting even by killing some of your fellows.

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Children as young as five have been put on these prescription drugs and made the above list of 37.  These drug-addicted mothers pulled their own children into the drug-filled abyss with them and there were no fathers to help stabilize the situation.  What were the doctors that wrote these prescriptions thinking?  Were they thinking at all?  Were they enjoying commissions from the drug firms?

We now suffer from the effects of two generations immersed in these chemicals.  Have any genetic studies been done on the effects of Valium, Ritalin or other chemical answers?  Perhaps the results of this surge in transexual transvestites has a source in the hormone additive scam.  Maybe a good spanking or a month working in the hot sun would change a few attitudes.  The problem then of course is mommy or daddy would have to sober up and stop feeling sorry for themselves and parent instead of whine.  Well, at least everybody got a ribbon.

These drugs are often prescribed for daily use.  The homes of these users are often in chaos.  Who supervises the situation to see the drug taken daily?  Kids will ignore their instructions and the consequences can be horrifying. Another hurdle is the use of new transgender drugs.  The last step in mental health disaster is the knife.  How many lives will be ruined for the sake of these mental mutants? Even now in Europe, a website called Gender GP will prescribe sex change drugs online.  When will it pop up here?

Millions of people take anti-depressants daily.  By definition, they are unbalanced to begin with. A change of dosage from not enough or too much can be deadly for many.  Gun manufacturers are libel for improper use of their products, Pharma manufacturers are not.  I wonder why?

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