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The Navel of the World? The Reality Behind Last Week’s Globalist WEF Agenda In Davos

Pharmaceutical companies are owed a great deal of gratitude for transforming our lives by making us able to survive diseases that once could kill huge swaths of people. That plus improved means of food production and distribution have further transformed life on our planet. It is therefore ironic that, medically, vaccines and other agents and, agriculturally, pesticides that at one time were developed to improve life now seem to be being used if not deliberately to foreshorten life, then with the full knowledge that they can do great harm.

Even more unconscionable, these same companies once concerned with saving lives appear to be playing along with, maybe even in league with, depopulationists and the climate change crazies who now view people as the single gravest threat to our planet. So having gained control over tuberculosis, polio, and serious infections such as tetanus, diphtheria, and smallpox, they want to turn the tables and declare people the single greatest pathogen that needs to be eradicated from the earth.

Take even the recent heinous mass shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo. I wonder whether there are some truly sicko depopulationists who, when these happen, throw parties and pop some corks, a whim somewhat confirmed by a pithy meme making the rounds: “happier than a Democrat after a school shooting.” In fairness, not all Democrats are happy about these atrocities, but there are many who would use any excuse to take away all means of self-defense from Americans.

Why do I think that the lefties are using these awful shootings to further their aims? Because, rather than focus on the perpetrators and the violence and what went wrong in their lives that needs to be fixed, such as the broken families these young people come from, together with the nihilism that pervades today’s young, the drugs, the violent video games, and other entertainment our cultural gurus in Hollywood decide is meet fare for potentially violent youth, the radical lefties jump on the gun control soapbox every chance they get.

This is so transparently self-serving, and yet people fall for their line time and again, because it seems, only seems, like such an easy fix. Everyone must understand that the purpose of the Second Amendment, as envisaged by the framers of The Constitution, is precisely to keep people with tyrannical notions from taking guns out of the hands of Americans so that they can impose draconian laws and absolute rule on Americans. For example, weapons are our only means of dissuading particularly zealous liberals—anyone with totalitarian ideas– from coming for us in the middle of the night and carting us off to some kind of containment facility for the reprogramming of especially recalcitrant citizens and making them into an object lesson for all who question the official line, thinking, narrative—whatever is the current buzzword for propaganda.

And, of course, these sky-rocketing gas and food prices—aren’t these further reminders that we aren’t in control of our own world? If they’re meant as some kind of benighted means of furthering green governance, tell that to the millions of Americans working at minimum-wage jobs struggling to pay for gas to get to jobs and for food to feed their families. And what is so enlightened about letting in literally millions of illegal aliens a year into the U.S. who can only compete for the food, the means of livelihood, the housing, and the medical care that might otherwise go to these already struggling and severely strapped members of the lower class.

Oh, and let’s see if we can get WWIII started. If one throws nuclear weapons into the mix, that’ll surely kill off millions, maybe billions, and make up for the fact that neither COVID nor the vaccine killed as many people as the depopulationists hoped for. Just to be sure, though, let’s throw in monkeypox and the threat of even more severe variants of COVID to further monger fear.

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Meanwhile the Davos poison dwarfs have all been scampering around in the clear mountain air of Switzerland this past week, conniving and scheming in open forums in Davos and back rooms in Geneva to bring about The Great Reset, even though this has been inconsiderately hampered by a couple of non-officially-sanctioned obstacles, i.e., The War in Ukraine and the insane and brutal COVID lockdowns in China.

The question I keep asking myself is: Who elected these Davos men to decide for the world what was “best” for it? I don’t recall any special referenda, any debates, any electioneering and campaigning, any choice—nothing of any kind of electoral process. I could be forgiven for forgetting the nondescript, boorish Klaus Schwab on a podium, apart from his resemblance to an archetypal Bond villain, but not his cackling demented sidekick, Yuval Harari, the Israeli cheerleader for transhumanism. I truly doubt that either in their graduating high school classes was voted the one most likely to succeed at bringing about the new world order, and yet, there they are doing just that(?)

So, where did this German nebbish get it into his head that he had the cure for all the world’s ills? When did he have this epiphany and what made him think he was right? Sigmund Freud might have diagnosed his condition as megalomania resulting from overly-strict toilet training, but that’s small comfort for those of us living through the madness.

Really, what made Klaus think he was onto something all that terrific? Isn’t it odd that Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Danton, Lenin, Chairman Mao, Muammar Gaddafi, Osama bin Ladin, the Ruhollah Khomeini, and Castro also thought they’d found the perfect answer to the smooth functioning of the world through totalitarian rule? It is telling that all of these men are known now only for their despotism, violence, rapacity, and cruelty. The lives of most also ended badly.

Overly strict toilet training aside, Schwab’s background has been a little hazy, but some persistent researchers have managed to come up with a few details that might shed light on his despotic notions. Here’s a particularly good one, which suggests that WEF’s aim in these dog-and-pony shows put on every year in Davos is to increase its brand recognition, give the international technocratic elite a chance to rub shoulders, groom and flatter the new recruits, and talk about unworkable solutions for mostly nonexistent problems, while at the same time, behind the scenes, pulling the levers and working the gears to assume control of the world. Could something that heinous and incredibly Orwellian possibly be true? One wants, desperately, to say “no.”

Unfortunately, as Robert Malone, discoverer of the mRNA vaccine technology, has perceptively observed, WEF appears to be a cartel of a select group of the largest multinational corporations with the incredibly dull, droning Klaus Schwab serving as its executive chairman.  General corporate membership is much larger, but, in exchange for massively funding the operation, the select elite group gets to set the agenda, which is quickly revealing itself to be world domination. There, the secret is out.

By Betty Louise Tyndale

Betty Louise Tyndale is a retired medical and scientific author and editor, and is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative.

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Photo by Evangeline Shaw on Unsplash