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Boomerang! Dems Look To Destroy Guns, But What If Their Real Victim Becomes Public Schools?

Never one to let a crisis go to waste, the usual suspects are chanting the same old Progressive Psalms about disarming Americans. The problem for them is not a few people abusing freedom, it is freedom.

That’s their song and dance, and it gets to the heart of who they are – authoritarians who hate liberty. Any liberty. And they are back to deny your right to self-defense by any means imaginable.

Local and National Leftish benchwarmers see it as an opportunity to burnish their progressive cred by claiming to care about children who survived their obsession with abortion. And the Teacher’s unions, always more interested in the socialist agenda than education or protecting teachers or kids, are on the same page while the media is happy to be their megaphone.

Their plan to protect students, teachers, and staff in public schools is to disarm everyone except unhinged, violent sociopaths who won’t follow the law no matter what the law.

And this works for them.

The left loves crime, chaos, and mass murder. It destabilizes society and upends the culture. The Summer of Floyd riots proved that. Add no cash bail, releasing felons from jail, inviting drugs, human trafficking, and gangs across the undefended southern border—defunding police (including school resource officers).

School shootings get the Left politically aroused. And they are convinced that if they can orchestrate enough misery they’ll get the guns. But what if that’s not what happens? What if Americans realize the ‘Government’ has no intention of protecting teachers, staff, students, or anyone else?

No intention, and no obligation. Just disarm you then leave you to fend for yourself while they let their revolutionaries tear the world apart one neighborhood at a time.

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What if that backfires?

The Consitution protects the right to self-defense and to bear arms, it does not protect the existence of public schools. In New Hampshire, the Constitution cherishes the idea of education but nowhere does it say the government is entitled to a monopoly. There is no right to public education only an acknowledgment that educating the public is beneficial to society*.

But where’s the benefit? It takes a school to bankrupt a village. Education taxes are, in most cases, the most significant expense in your town budget. And what do you get?

You get a curriculum that teaches your kids that they are white supremacists or racists with no chance for redemption and not much else. There is grooming and sexual predation. “Graduates” may be less informed and prepared than at any point in American history.

And now this?

The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness engender the circumstances required for its attainment. You need to be alive – and not learning in fear – to get anywhere near such a destination.

If the government schools are incapable of keeping teachers, staff, and students from getting shot at, wounded, or killed, then the answer is not to disarm citizens who did nothing wrong. Letting authoritarianism swell to punish the law-abiding will never result in life, liberty, or happiness for anyone but those who rule.

The answer is to create opportunities to learn with less risk of harm without sacrificing natural rights or fundamental freedoms. That requires parents and taxpayers and teachers to get involved and fix the schools they have or create new ones.

What those look like will depend on you but it should probably include a healthy respect for the Constitution and the safe and proper use of firearms and the right to keep and bear them.

Even psychopaths have the sense to avoid hardened targets and if you need proof just compare mass shootings at schools with a known armed presence versus those that are known or advertised gun-free zones.

*Note: State or local law may require a district, school board, or some entity to ensure education is funded until “graduation.” If your government (that’s YOUR government) restricts how that diploma may be attained you have some work to do to decouple kids from government schools, but what better motivation than their inability to protect them or teachers from injury or death?

Steve is a long-time New Hampshire resident, blogger, and a member of the Board of directors of The 603 Alliance. He is the Managing Editor and co-owner of, a former board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, and a past contributor to the Franklin Center for Public Policy.