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Country Music Star Contends Dems’ Desperate “Midterm Scam” Has Already Backfired

We’ve heard a lot about the “red wave” that’s coming this fall.

And I believe it’s true, and I think the Dems believe it, as well.

The only thing we need to worry about is staying 100 percent focused, and coming out in droves, Dems cheating, and their evil plots, because we know they’ll stop at nothing — and I do mean NOTHING — when it comes to holding onto power.

And we’re in the midst of one of those plots right now… the left is using abortion and 2A to get their base juiced up and crazy… we know there was a leak from SCOTUS, and of course, the deadly and horrific school shooting in Uvalde.

It’s amazing how these tragedies are always the best “political timing” for Dems, right? The same thing with COVID… the timing was just politically amazing for Dems.

But country star John Rich doesn’t think this latest move with gun control is going to work — as a matter of fact, he already thinks it’s backfiring on Dems.

John says, Dems know they’ll never disarm good Americans, they just need to motivate a “MOB.”

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Here’s what John said in a tweet: “They know they’ll never be able to disarm law abiding citizens. This is just their tactic to enrage the mob before the fall. Give it no mind. Love your family, stay close to the Lord, and let them rage.”

John may be onto something. Look at this new ABC poll that measures “voter enthusiasm.”

Dems are in some big trouble if they don’t gin up some drama for their base to be outraged about or we will absolutely annihilate them.

This story syndicated with permission from Wayne Dupree

Featured image: Staff Sergeant Esteban M. Esquivel, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons