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Is It Time To Put 2020 Aside And Get On With Things?

The 2020 election is over and done with – it’s ancient history that can’t be changed.  Sure, we’re stuck with a senile fool for another couple of years, but we can stop him this year and get rid of him in 2024.  Seems time for Trump to talk about what he will do when he gets reelected instead of staying stuck in the past.  He lost.  Time to move on.

Bad free advice is worth every penny you pay for it

I’m hearing that sort of advice a lot these days.  Some people are tired of hearing about 2020.  They have new things to worry about like inflation and high gas prices and hungry babies and crime and drugs and gun violence and  … the list seems almost endless.  Why worry about the past when the present is so full of problems?  After all, there is a red wave coming and we will take over Congress and we can fix everything then.  Not!

The questionable value of 2022

Thing is, so long as we have a far Left administration in control, Congress is neutered and impotent.  Yes, Republicans can pass all sorts of good sounding legislation, but it still has to be signed by the President to become law.  Does anyone seriously think that any bills that would act to reverse any of the destructive actions of this administration would actually be signed into law?  Anyone who does should contact me, as I have some great waterfront property in Nevada to sell.

Why 2020 matters

The point is, all the problems of today are a direct consequence of what happened in 2020.  Fix that, and we can get on with getting back on track.  Trump, along with many of the rest of us realize that until the root cause is addressed, we will not only be blocked from any real corrections, but that new issues will continue to be added to the list until the country collapses – a goal of many on the Left today.  

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As part of that process, the Left has made, and continues to make numerous attacks on our Constitution, rightly seeing it as a major barrier to their efforts.  Its support for individual rights, including free speech, freedom of assembly, the right to a speedy trial, and balanced representation all interfere with an agenda of collectivism.  

The Left cares about people in the aggregate, but has little use for individuals.  Thus the need to declare the Constitution outmoded, obsolete, and even dead.  Trump was one of the foremost forces opposing them and supporting a Constitutional Republic, hence the absolute need to sabotage his time in office, and to ensure he lost in 2020.

Is the Constitution dead?

Those who doubt the Progressive agenda need only look at things like CRT, and the destruction of women’s rights by various gender issues, and the outright advocacy of socialism and application of Marxist methods to disrupt civil society, and the push toward a “Great Reset” and the elimination of  Capitalism.  

The Left has been saying for many years that our Constitution is obsolete and needs to be a “living” document that reflects the tenor of the times.  With attacks on freedom of speech, indefinite detention without trial, willful ignoring of immigration and other inconvenient laws, the Left is already acting as though the Constitution no longer applies.

Just one example in a debate over a Constitutionally protected right, a Democrat from New York, Rep. Mondaire, stated:

“Enough of you telling us that school shootings are a fact of life when every other country like ours has virtually ended it. Enough of you blaming mental illness and then defunding mental health care in this country. Enough of your thoughts and prayers.  You will not stop us from advancing the Protecting Our Kids Act today. If the filibuster obstructs us, we will abolish it. If the Supreme Court objects, we will expand it. And we will not rest until we have taken weapons of war out of circulation and our communities each and every day.”

Never mind that none of the provisions in the Act in question would have had any effect on recent mass murders or on the use of guns in committing unlawful acts.  It is simply the Left operating on their belief that the Constitution no longer matters, especially if it interferes with their objectives.

Was 2020 stolen?

In order to address the 2020 election, we need first to know if it accurately reflected the will of the electorate.  Even if there were irregularities, did Biden legitimately win over Trump?  While many of us believe that Trump was the legitimate winner, finding and presenting evidence has been difficult.

In the good old days of all paper ballots and hand counting, election fraud was a difficult undertaking.  With few exceptions it was easy to detect, only happened in a few instances, and usually only affected local elections.  Two things have changed, though, that have acted to make widespread fraud much more attractive, easy to accomplish, difficult to detect, and high payoff for low risk.

Mail order election fraud

The first of these changes was the widespread adoption of mail-in voting.  This has created immense opportunities for election fraud through ballot harvesting, counterfeiting, dead and ghost voting, and several other mechanisms.  Most election officials assume that only legitimate ballots will be cast, and that signature requirements on ballots will keep illegal ballots from being accepted.  

Consider, though, that several states have now eliminated the need for signatures on ballot envelopes, and will accept all ballots received.  Even at that, what would stop someone from forging a signature on a ballot, or on numerous copies of ballots, especially if they knew there was a high probability of most of them  being accepted, and virtually no risk of being caught?

The investigative efforts of TrueTheVote organization, presented in the movie 2000Mules, has demonstrated just how effective and widespread fraud efforts can be when the opportunities offered by mail-in voting are exploited.  The old assumptions about the difficulty and risk of election fraud are not only no longer valid, but actually work against attempts to investigate fraud, as authorities often simply dismiss concerns as irrelevant and inconsequential, just as they were in the past.

The machine ate my homework

The second change is the near universal use of electronic systems to manage elections.  These range from direct voting systems and paper ballot tabulators, to vote consolidation and reporting systems at county, state, and federal levels.  All these systems have vulnerabilities that leave them open to a variety of intrusions that can change the outcomes of elections, sometimes even without any obvious indication – machine reported results are often taken as valid, even when they aren’t.

Our own government finally acknowledged just a few days ago that at least sixteen states were using equipment with known vulnerabilities, some of which could affect results across an entire state.  Of course, both the government authorities and the machine manufacturer claim that the vulnerabilities were never exploited and that all was well and good in 2020.  If that is true, then why are they so opposed to audits and inspection of machines and records?  If there is nothing to hide and nothing wrong, why not allow examination?

Just last week, an alleged programming error led to a hand recount of the results of a primary election in Georgia.  Had not one of the candidates noticed an oddity in the reported totals, the machine results might have been accepted.  As it is, the outcome of the election could be totally overturned.  This is just one example of how untrustworthy the machine systems are in accurately implementing the elections essential to our democracy.

Can anything be done?

Many people, especially those with a vested interest in things as they are, claim that the 2020 election is over, done, and cannot be changed.  We just need to accept the situation and work to fix things next time around.  They say that there is no provision in our Constitution outside of impeachment to remove a president, much less an entire administration.  Not so!

The Constitution gives us the legal right to fix things

The tenth amendment to the Constitution states that anything not specifically addressed in the Constitution is left to the People and to the States.  The twelfth amendment says that in the absence of a President and Vice President, Congress shall have the power to elect both.

Imagine if Rasmussen, or some other credible polling group were to offer the following question to the populace:

“Do you believe that the United States would be better off if the 2020 presidential election results were declared void and Congress were to chose a President to serve until 2024?”  Yes or no.

What if such a question were to be put to the country as a whole?  Are there enough people suffering from inflation, high gas prices, loss of businesses and occupations from Covid injustices, and generally dissatisfied with the direction of the country and the destructive actions of the current administration that they would be willing to respond “yes”?  That would be all it would take.  

Of course, there would be those who would scream that it was unfair, illegal, immoral, probably fattening, and who would take to the streets to burn things down if they didn’t get their way.  I think we have had enough of the Fascist tactics of the Left and their blackshirt Antifa thugs and their violent threats and intimidation.  Let the voice of the People be heard, and not let it be shouted down by those who believe that they have a right to keep what they stole.

Should we reward theft?

Imagine that you and your family went away for a few days and returned to find strangers living in your house.  Imagine you told them to leave and they refused, saying that they had a right to stay because the house had been left vacant.  You go to the police and they refuse to remove the inhabitants saying they can stay by right of occupation, and in fact, if you persist in trying to remove them, you can be punished.  Meanwhile, you are still responsible for paying the mortgage, utilities, maintenance, taxes, and other expenses, otherwise your property can be seized and sold.  If the 2020 election was stolen, isn’t that equivalent to the example above, except that it is our country and not just a single home?

What happens if we act?

If the 2020 election were to be declared null and void, not only would Brandon and Ms. Cackles be removed from office, but all the Executive Orders, appointments, and signed legislation would be void as well, since the administration that enacted them did not have the legitimate authority to do so.  

In contrast, impeachment would only remove Biden, but would leave the rest of the damaging actions intact.  Just as when removing weeds, you need to get the root.

If the 2020 election were voided, we could build the wall and stop the illegal flood of drugs and criminals across our borders.  We could restore our energy independence.  We could stop sending Billions of tax dollars to other countries, many of whom don’t even like us, and fix some of our own problems.  We could eliminate many of the regulations that hamstring our small businesses and reward special interests.  We could restore the rights of individuals to determine their own health policies.  These are but a smattering of what we could regain.

What happens if we don’t act?

The longer we wait to act, the more damage will be done.  The Left will use any means they can to get their way.  Look at where we are today, after just fifteen months of an illegitimate administration, and imagine how much more they could do with an additional thirty-one months.  We narrowly missed having our sovereignty handed over to an international bureaucracy controlled by China.  

There is the International Arms Treaty waiting in the wings to eliminate the second Amendment.  Additional measures to curtail our energy supplies and force vast expenditures on unreliable “green” energy could lead to breakdown of our systems for food production, transportation, municipal services, and nearly every other aspect of our modern civilization.  Our military, already weakened by divisive “inclusive” and “equity” pogroms could be further weakened to the point of uselessness.  In fact, we cannot even imagine the things that might be done by a Progressive regime to weaken and destroy this country in their quest to build their Socialist Utopia, with them in charge, of course.

There are Billions of dollars involved in efforts to subvert our electoral processes, some from domestic parties, and indications of international sources.  These people seek the downfall of our country, are ruthless, and will stop at little to attain our destruction.  Many of them would also face charges of sedition or even treason were the 2020 fraud sufficiently exposed.  Fraud at the scale suspected in 2020 is no longer simple election fraud, but rather a covert attempt at revolution.

Tell me it’s not true

For many of us, there is an air of disbelief involved – “This is the United States.  How could such things happen here?  Why is there so much opposition to investigating if there is truly nothing to be found?”.  

We have too many parties within our government, in the media, in non-government organizations, and even in criminal organizations who may be involved and who want to keep things as they are, or even reshape them to their advantage and not ours.

If even a fraction of the alleged fraud is true, we cannot afford to hide our heads in the sand and pretend all is well.  As of now, we can have no faith in the integrity of any of our elections, including the one this November.  Most of the mechanisms that enable fraud are still intact, with only a few, largely cosmetic, changes from 2020 and earlier.

We are at a crossroads

The longer we wait the worse things will get, and the harder they will be to fix.  Even waiting the five months until the November election might be too much.  It is easy to get caught up in the issues of the moment – to worry about how to make ends meet, how to feed our children, how to protect our families, how to cope with all the things that seem to attack us from every direction.  We need to remember that most of these things are consequences of a single event, and were that event fixed, most of our problems could also be fixed or would simply go away.  

Our situation is like having a broken water pipe that is flooding our home.  Do we try to get more buckets and mops to soak up the flood of water, or do we fix the broken pipe that is causing the flood?  The choice is ours.

Things to do

I have often been frustrated by articles that point out problems but offer no solutions.  Not wishing to be guilty of same, I offer a few things to do.  Creative minds should be able to come up with much more.

 – Get familiar with our Constitution

The Constitution was written to be easily read and understood, especially the first ten amendments known as the Bill of Rights.  The tenth Amendment is especially brief and clear.  If We the People are truly in charge, then the 10th is what legitimizes our power.  Use it or lose it.

 – See the movie

The movie 2000 Mules provides one of the clearest exhibits of the systematic and widespread fraud that subverts our electoral processes, and in particular affected the 2020 election.  If you can’t find a theater showing it, order a copy of the DVD and invite your friends over for a movie night.  Then ask yourself and your friends why we allow widespread vote by mail and vulnerable electronic election systems.

 – Get involved

Make sure there are eyes on all election processes.  Poll watchers are always needed, even though the majority of ballots today are mail-in.  Some venues also allow observation of mail ballot processing, and help is needed for that as well.  Make a polite nuisance of yourself by insisting on your legal rights to observe election processes.  If democracy dies in darkness, make sure to keep the lights on.

 – Stay informed

Check out election integrity organizations such as,, and others across the country.  These are organizations that are working to expose fraud and promote honest and fair elections regardless of party.  Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

 – View additional 2000Mules information

Epoch times just released an extensive interview with the TrueTheVote investigators that includes information beyond what was presented in the 2000Mules movie.  There is a free 15 minute excerpt here, with the full interview available at modest cost here.  The long version answers some of the questions that were raised in the movie, including identification of some of the funding sources for the ballot harvesting organizations.

 – Make your voice heard

Let your officials and representatives know that you want fair elections free of fraud.  Your greatest impact is at a local level, including city officials, county supervisors, a local Registrar of Voters, and others.  District congressional offices for state and even federal representatives need your input.  A phone call or email counts for a lot.  Keep the pressure on and the visibility high.