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Marine Pride Means Something Different Today

A rainbow for the Marine Corps: From the Halls of Harvey Milk to the shores of LGBTQ. For the future there exists no longer traditional Marine Green but multi-colors, including the appropriate addition of yellow—a color never before hoisted by the Corps. But now, with the sick and cowardly Pentagon and Washington crowd in miscreant management, the yellow is the brightest color of their rainbow.

Whoever is in charge, SHE should be proud. The Eagle, Globe & Anchor map should be replaced by the lip-sticked face of a sow.  I’m sure the next move will be to run up the rainbow flag on the Mount Suribachi Monument. Ira Hayes’s ghost of the Pimas will bite hard on the bullet, not the bottle. General “Chesty” Puller would mail in his 5 Navy Crosses if alive. Sergeant Dan Daily and General Smedly Butler would mail in their collection of 4 Medal of Honors (2 each). 

From the “first to fight for right and freedom,” to the first to rupture that damnable testosterone. 

What foreign armies and navies could not defeat has been emasculated and corrupted by domestic Trotskyite political and carnal deviants living off the flesh of an American people who once felt pride in the only military arm which has as their calling music, a hymn. 

All Marines by tradition have always, in uniform or out, come to attention when the Marine Corps Hymn is played. They stood with pride within the toughest military unit pound for pound to ever shoulder a rifle or draw a saber, and always with great sacrifice and blood issue. And it has always been the smallest (5-8% of U.S. forces). Now corrupt officers and politicians demand they stand with “pride” for deviancy and disgust.

It’s bad enough that the gutter-trash bloodline of the government’s congressmen, employees, and appointees, rail on about decadent nonsense about pregnant men or trans children who can be castrated because they need to find their “true” identity. But now “prideful” cheers for a military that is supposed to “look like” abnormal American trash, or any of the myriad of colossally stupid things our “right to vote democracy” belches out of its diseased former republic.

Possibly the “rainbow” for the Corps sickness came from within its own ranks (God help us if it did), but more likely it came from the Pentagon and its bureaucratic underlings. This bunch, moreover, being a pentagram of Wiccans of that five-sided “Temple to Mars” from bureaucratic hell, makes the debased Congress, The Washington bureaucracy, and The White House with its criminal Biden family look like Mr. Rogers and happy time.                              

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Miranda Devine wrote an excellent article for the New York Post the other day, “Where are the Men of Courage? They’re Gone Thanks to Toxic Masculinity.”. I couldn’t have agreed more. I had written an article back in March which might be more supplemental to hers which was a primary punch and gets more to the point of such sleaze in “leadership” as the USMC has apparently become (no more women swimmers or all-male swimmers). The point of both is that: Once men were men, and women were glad of it. Her deference to C.S. Lewis’s thoughts on it gives her intuitive deference as a mind reader insofar as I am concerned.

For the record, I did a tour a long time ago with the Marine Corps (enlisted man-1964-70). Today it will not surprise me to see the wonderful monument of the flag-raising on Mount Suribachi, adjacent to Arlington, have the Stars and Stripes run down and the degenerate “rainbow” sicko flag replace it.

This is the measure of the uncultured and diseased government of which the most degenerate people on the planet are now a part of and that which we call OUR government. 

Damn them! 

Semper Fi, General Puller.