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Momentum Grows In Fight To Have Drunk-Driving Paul Pelosi’s Mugshot Released

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, herself rumored to be something of a vodka fiend, seems to have successfully pulled off the requisite political maneuvers to shield her drunk-driving husband from having a surely embarrassing mugshot released for public viewing. 

Shielding him…or shielding herself? It’s not a good look for the House Speaker, and third in line to be president (in Biden’s case, it feels like she is always just 2.5 steps away), for their corrupt millionaire family to be embroiled in a DUI scandal. 

The Gateway Pundit reviewed the official police report, and noted the following on husband Paul’s weekend escapades: 

“Mr. Pelosi was driving his Porsche drunk after leaving a Napa Valley Winery when he pulled out onto a highway into the path of a 48-year-old man driving a Jeep.

According to the [police] report, Pelosi pulled out onto S-29 to cross it, ignoring a stop sign, and was struck by Jesus V. Lopez, who was driving a 2014 Jeep. Lopez was reportedly traveling northbound on the state road. 

At the scene of the accident, Pelosi was found to have been over the legal blood alcohol limit. He was arrested on two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 or higher.”

It’d be too easy to play the what-if game here. What if Donald Trump had a close family member get busted for a DUI? What if Donald Trump covered up an explosive report by leveraging his political muscle? What if Donald Trump was a raging alcoholic?

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And Democrat voters still think they’re on the right side of things.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters pointed out some pretty obvious facts on a recent segment discussing this developing cover up.

“Whenever a person gets arrested then police take a mugshot. These mugshots get entered into the public record. We should have a right to see them. 

Unless of course you’re married to Nancy Pelosi, and you get drunk, you blow a stop sign, and smash a brand new Porsche into another guy’s car in the middle of the night on the way back to your multi-million napa vineyard.”

I know my employer would be staring at my drunk, bloodshot eyes from a 4:00am police photo. How about yours? Here I thought our political representatives worked for us, making us their bosses.

Watters even went a step futher, following all of the proper, legal channels to have the public mugshot released:

“We called the jail. They told us to call the sheriff. Who told us to call the city council, and they gave us the runaround.

So we filed an official records request in writing and got this response,

‘The individual is not currently in custody in napa county jail. Therefore the booking photos you have requested are exempt from disclosure. Because the records you seek are exempt from release we have closed your request.’”

Scam. Corruption. Deceit. Two-tiered society. We deal with it all when it comes to Nancy Pelosi.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.

Featured image: Office of U.S. House Speaker, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons (cropped)