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What Are The Effects Of ‘America Last’ Policies With Energy? Take A Look At Gas Prices

The ramifications of the America Last US energy policy are wreaking havoc upon our economy and pushing the American middle class to the point of obsolescence…….John Scotto

How much more economic pain are the American people willing to endure, due to the reckless actions and inactions of Joe Biden and his handlers? The Biden administration has ushered in a hell upon earth. Yet, most of the American populace seems to be content to sit back and take things in stride.

The radical leftist Biden Administration is causing the American middle and lower classes undue financial burden and perpetual worry. This current president and his fellow leftists are orchestrating the controlled demolition of the USA. They are making it easier for rogue nations like Russia and China to gain more footholds and influence throughout the globe.

This administration’s radical leftist policies have had a huge negative effect upon everybody’s life. Our liberty is dwindling and US citizens are currently being denied their God given right to their pursuit of happiness. All this misery/chaos currently being inflicted upon all of us boils down to one single factor, Joe Biden and his climate change acolytes war upon fossil fuels.

These twenty-five Biden administration policies are raising energy costs

Joe Biden panders to the radical climate cultists, while he conveniently ignores China and the rest of the world’s polluting of the earth. While our country sits on the most abundant energy supply of clean fossil fuels in the entire world, Joe Biden begs other radical foreign countries for dirty oil.

I wonder what it will take for the American citizenry to flood the streets in peaceful protest and demand Biden’s resignation?

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What will it take? Fifteen dollars a gallon gas, more food shortages and possibly a famine, the destruction of the US dollar, our power grids shutting down, a possible new pandemic like the bird flu being used to lock us all down again, and God forbid a nuclear bomb going off somewhere, or dare I say the possibility of Chinese/UN troops/tanks rolling down American streets? All scenarios that seemed to be far-fetched during the Trump administration, now suddenly appear plausible.

America now finds itself within a precarious position, mainly due to the last forty years of America Last, Globalist First policies, instituted by those within the DC power structure. Ever since Papa Bush uttered those infamous words “a new world order,” the United States has become progressively worse. This demonic policy known as globalism has degraded our country to the point of disrepair.

Nearly forty years of dependence upon foreign countries for the essential products we need to survive has rendered America virtually impotent. The shutting down of most of our factories has caused us massive economic pain. The endless wars in the middle east and the irresponsible/reckless deficit spending have bankrupted us financially. We are also sadly currently witnessing the devaluation of our currency. This insane America Last energy policy is bringing our nation to its knees.

The American empire could possibly be within its twilight phase. Our military munitions are being depleted in Ukraine, our food, energy and water supplies are dwindling. We are dependent upon China for most of our pharmaceuticals and other essential products. The southern border remains wide open for anybody to enter, including terrorists, who currently can walk through essentially unimpeded. Illegal drugs and Big Pharma are numbing us to the point that most of us can no longer see reality. Crime is on the rise everywhere. America’s political capital and moral high ground are plummeting. For the first time in American history, the younger generation can no longer see a clear path to prosperity.

Why is this being allowed to happen? To appease a bunch of climate cultists who sit on their hands, all while the rest of the world irresponsibly pollutes the earth beyond imagination? So a bunch of greedy politicians can become richer? Is this what men and women in the US military from past generations paid the ultimate price for?

Yet nobody speaks up, we are all like frogs within a boiling pot of water. Courtesy of the globalist policies implemented during the previous and recent presidential administrations, with the exception of Donald Trump.

IMHO, globalism was created to destroy the US and western civilization, we are currently reaching the point of no return. Mainly because of a group of clueless, lazy and ignorant leftist politicians, who believe in leftist fairytales and who can’t admit the fact that America has been on the wrong path for the last forty years.

Hey Lefty lunatics, do all of you still despise Trump and the way he ran our nation? How safe and secure do you feel right now, under the rule of a clueless leftist despot? Is everybody finding it easier to feed their families? When will most people in the US come to their senses and address reality? Will US citizens ever awaken from their slumber and their delusion?

America is becoming set up for an Economic Armageddon, a financial collapse beyond imagination. It may be too late to change course. If the tide doesn’t turn soon, we all could face financial ruin. The only chance we have of rectifying this situation is a swift return to US energy independence.

Americans Will Never Forget The Historic Economic Collapse During Joe Biden’s Presidency

We can solve most of our economic problems today, by simply returning to Donald Trump’s America first US energy policy. Returning to US energy independence would strengthen our nation exponentially, it would make dictators like Putin irrelevant and it would return a calm to the financial system. It would give us all a little peace of mind.

So, please tell me why aren’t we all demanding a return to US energy independence? I guess we are all just too busy watching the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial.

By John Scotto

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