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Knucklehead Of The Week: Is Joy Behar Racist Or Just Not Very Bright? Or Both?

As remarkable as it may seem, this week marks Joy Behar’s first time atop our list of the week’s top knuckleheads. Though she’s made multiple appearances on our weekly tribute as an honorable mention, there had always been someone else whose knuckleheadedness had exceeded that of ‘The View’ co-host. This week, however, we simply could not ignore Behar’s idiocy as she appeared to be hellbent on taking the KOTW top spot. Therefore, congratulations Joy! You’ve done it… how proud you must be.

Winner: Joy Behar achieves the not-so-rare idiot trifecta.

To spend more than ten minutes watching The View is to put one’s sanity and sense of reason to the test. The imbecility that spills from the mouths of Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and Ana Navarro occurs with such regularity, we can almost hear a Moron-o-Meter clicking and tallying off in the distance. But in the seemingly never-ending battle to see who the biggest nincompoop on the show is, Ms. Behar tends to edge out her competitors. Such was the case this week when she unleashed her inanity with three notable statements on successive days.

1) Behar wasted no time getting the party started this week when on Monday morning she offered this take on President Biden, Republicans, and inflation:

“And by the way, inflation is a worldwide problem, he’s [Biden] getting blamed for that. The gasoline is a worldwide problem, yes its $5, $6 here, it’s like $11, $12 in Europe. So, you cannot blame the president for every single thing.” 

Behar’s comment came on the heels of another claim moments earlier that it was Republicans, not Biden and the Democrats, who are responsible for the baby formula shortage. If ignorance is indeed bliss, Ms. Behar is undoubtedly the most blissful personality on television.

While gasoline prices certainly affect other countries with a similar impact, it has been President Biden’s allegiance to the climate cult and his subsequent anti-oil policies that have driven up oil prices around the world. So, it’s not just Americans who can thank Joe Biden for high gas prices, it’s the consumers across the globe.

But there is a multitude of factors that affect inflation in every country, not just gas prices. Biden’s insistence on blowing out government spending, depleting the workforce through vaccine mandates and outrageously lengthy unemployment benefits, and his implementation of crippling regulations on corporations have added fuel to the fire, with no end in sight.

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2) On Tuesday, the following day, Behar dropped this idea regarding the clown show known as the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th US Capitol attack, which was aired on Thursday by the leftwing cable networks and the major broadcast networks, but not on Fox News:

“I think that Fox is implicated in the events of that day, isn’t it? I mean, Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity and Brian Kilmeade [were] begging Mark Meadows to get the President, Trump, to stop the attack. So, now they’re saying the opposite? They’re implicated in the day, so of course they don’t want to report that.”

Or, Joy, it could be that Fox News actually cares about their ratings and isn’t interested in playing along with the media’s charade to try and save the Democrats’ chances in November’s elections. Also, do you even know what the word “implicated” means?

3) Three days, three brainless statements. On Wednesday, Behar had this to say regarding gun control:

“Here’s the thing: once black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change. Trust me.”

Oh, we trust you Joy, no doubt about it. We trust you to say bizarre, nonsensical things.

And keep in mind, Behar made this statement to a black woman who had just explained that she herself is a gun owner.

The fact is, about a quarter of black folks in this country already own guns, with a slightly higher percentage for white folks and slightly lower for Hispanics. Does Behar think black people aren’t allowed to buy guns? Or does she think only people with certain melanin levels aren’t interested in defending themselves?

Apparently, Behar was trying to imply that few black folks in America currently own guns – which isn’t true – and that those on the right who are white and own guns don’t want black folks to own them; and that is also untrue. Those of us who are responsible, law-abiding gun owners want more responsible, law-abiding gun owners. The more the merrier, and we could care less about their skin color. But leftists like Joy Behar refuse to let their narratives on gun ownership and racial division be interrupted by reality. They will do and say whatever is necessary to promote their gun-seizing agenda and identity politics… reality be damned.

Honorable Mention #1: WaPo Reporter Felicia Sonmez throws a weeklong temper tantrum and gets fired as a result.

Of all the Washington Post’s militant feminist, far-left reporters, Felicia Sonmez is probably the most extreme; or should we say, was the most extreme. Remember, Sonmez was the reporter who got suspended by WaPo shortly after the tragic death of Kobe Bryant when she began bringing up old allegations of sexual assault by Bryant before his corpse was even cold. So, imagine how insubordinate Sonmez would have to be to get a pink slip. But that’s exactly what happened yesterday when the newspaper sent her packing.

So, what did Sonmez do to get herself fired? Last Friday, a fellow WaPo ‘journalist’ named David Weigel issued a tweet from his personal Twitter account with an unfunny and sexist joke. Weigel himself apologized and was suspended, but that wasn’t good enough for Sonmez, who apparently wanted Weigel fired along with anyone who dared show compassion toward him. She essentially wanted the leftwing Washington Post, her employer, to come groveling for forgiveness from Sonmez. Sonmez had multiple Twitter feuds with co-workers going on throughout the week, and when Sonmez continued to trash everyone including the Washington Post itself, she was given the boot.

There’s something remarkably satisfying about watching a far-left outlet like WaPo battling with their own far-left employees. Whatever bad things happen to the Washington Post because of this episode, they deserve them. And the same can be said for Felicia Sonmez, who will almost certainly be taking her former company to court in a lawsuit. Too bad both parties can’t lose that case.

Honorable Mention #2: President Joe Biden appears on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and somehow manages to botch things.

Jimmy Kimmel, like every other late-night talk show host, is essentially a member of the Biden Administration’s communications team. They’re on the same side. To illustrate that point, Kimmel, throughout the president’s appearance this week, repeatedly used the collective “We” when discussing Democrats’ and Biden’s policy efforts. It’s an incestuous relationship. Yet despite the remarkably friendly confines of Kimmel’s studio and a downright chummy live audience, Biden still screwed the pooch.

How bad did things get? At one point, as Biden was evidently experiencing a brain freeze when he was ironically talking about poor communications, Kimmel had to step in to save the president from himself. “We have not been able to communicate in a way that is um, um…” said Biden, then drifted off saying “Let me say it another way.” Biden continued to ramble, at which point Kimmel interjected with, “I’m going to have to take a break, and then we’ll talk a little bit more if you don’t mind.” To which Biden fittingly replied, “I don’t blame you.”

Yes folks, there he is, our Commander-in-Chief. Heaven help us all.

PF Whalen

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