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Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Is Arrested By FBI – What It Means For Our Democracy

The Republic has fallen!

June 9, 2022, is a day that will go down in history.  Mr. Ryan Kelley, a candidate for governor of Michigan was arrested at his home in Allendale, Michigan by the FBI.  He was charged with being on the capitol steps on January 6.  He was arrested because he might actually give Gretchen Whitmer a run for her money in the race for the governor’s chair. The FBI was trotted out at the bidding of the socialists to preserve their power.  Our political system is now totally compromised and the outrage has been missed by the pundits.

The FBI is now outed as the KGB for the American socialist party.  It is also a reminder that the FBI has been involved in elections for decades and we have ignored it or been convinced that the tinfoil hat crowd was at it again. They were caught trying to create an assassination/kidnapping conspiracy involving the same Gretchen Whitmer.  This information was revealed at the trial of one of the clowns set up to take the fall. They have even wire-tapped 3.4 million people without warrants in the search for Jan-6 citizens asserting their rights and the corrupt DC court has the arrestees rotting in jail.

This primary season has evolved into a good time for reflection.  The past 10 years have seen major changes in the torch gleaming from atop the Statue of Liberty. She has dimmed considerably.  At least we now are sure who is on the socialist party payroll.

Winston Churchill once remarked with a large degree of jealousy “within two long lifetimes the United States has grown into the most powerful empire in history.”  From 1789 to 1912 was less than 125 years but we are the largest societal and governmental creation since 330 AD.  The year 1912 began seismic growth in our wealth as well as creating the rot which has grown for the last 100 years and has finally overwhelmed us.

This period began the centralization of power in DC under the control of the financial industry.  Sixty-five percent of our Federal income was from the alcohol taxes and most of the rest was in the form of tariffs. This monetary result was not nearly enough to fund the socialistic changes that the National Socialists wanted.  The blackmailing of Woodrow Wilson guaranteed that incredible sums of money and hence political power devolved to the international bankers.  The movement from a confederation of states to federal domination began and accelerated rapidly.

The people actually in charge cannot be voted out.  The foundations of the country now are the Federal Reserve,  as well as those that provide a financial bonus to congress for services rendered. Jan 6 proved that non-violent protest will not work as intended.  We have had citizens in jail for a year. Voting cannot be the answer as it stands today with the rampant cheating in blue states.

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Socialists do not fear retribution because most Americans want to just mind their own business. Only  2% fought in 1776 but that was enough to destabilize the Royal government for our freedom.  The American Revolution changed our government but the French Revolution model changed society. The government today does not realize that the society has devolved at their behest but the results are now beyond their control. Congress is not afraid to continue to do the bidding of their employers on Wall Street, which leaves the French Revolution of societal change model the only option.  Our government now resembles the Gordian Knot and only the sword of Alexander will remedy the situation.

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