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Faustian Americans, The Devil, and His Teachers

School is out for the summer. Thank God. Pray God that it does not return. Perhaps our only hope. Deliver us from the evil of public and most private education—at every level, including college.

Why bother with opening the schools, if all that you’ll have is the same uneducated blowhards filling the minds of children with the same monstrous mush that is conjured by these same blowhards who want to be paid for sitting on their butts in the first place? Teachers go on vacation while telling students to “zoom’’ in on their “home” work. And parents are demanding, even pleading that this ilk returns to teach. Brainwashing we hardly knew thee.

Stop begging! Let them stay on vacation—forever.  Most have been on vacation since they started “teaching” in the first place.

Take your children to work with you if necessary or quit work and be poor –the government is going to steal your money in any event. No? As we stand, today, the corrupt (from time to time surrounded by soldiers and barbed wire) autonomous “state” of Washington D.C. is printing notes in multiple trillions of dollars in denominations charged to you! Many charged for that ignominious monster, The Department of Education–check Pete Hegseth’s new book, Battle for the American Mind for a touch of realism regarding the history of education in America.

Asking these hollow-liberal, progressive, leftist…whatever …to return to teach is like asking Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid to leave “Hole-in-the-Wall and come back and design a new bank alarm.

These teachers via the NEA and AFT and their damnable union have taken the concept of child abuse to the darkest transcendent level ever known to man, and they claim to be “educators.” Vomitus, we hardly knew thee, either.

This sort of “mentor” is who (or what) you want to influence your children? This same trait, this same character, is that which spills out daily from the media, the politicians, the Washington D.C. politico-thuggery, and the rest of what is called the “left.”  These are the people who are unhappy with everything in life and the closest thing to joy they can find is misery-making for others.   They are not some sort of fraudulent loyal opposition in their opinions. They are despicable people.

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Like a pandemic they have spread their cerebral mediocrity and foulness through society into the universities, the public schools, the public forum, and even many of the neighborhoods; neighborhoods once filled with families of clear-thinking fathers and mothers and at least a close touch with reality insofar as the arts and sciences.

And through such Orwellian concepts as a Department of Education, they hire these uneducated rubes (many are PhDs in Education which takes minimum time and little effort to become) to “teach” the children—haha!  “Union, union, we adore Thee,

God of glory, Lord of love”

These wretches have long since driven God and His created minds from the classrooms.

But leave us not with the impression that this is something purely of the Democrat political abbey or its liberal/progressive demon-soldiers.

The so-called right not only isn’t any better it probably is worse. Its pompous self-righteous stance is disgusting in its lies or its self-serving political stance. The Republicans were the fathers of the original Bureau of Education (1867) which was the bastard child of a Republican congress and the segregation of blacks and whites via the Freedmen Bureau and subsequent unconstitutional Morrill Act of 1862 (failed in 1857 via presidential veto).

With their pretentious conservativism wrapped around an anti-Southern (the original sinners, they say) anti-republic origin. Their teachers are from the silliness of the likes of Victor Davis Hanson, Eric Foner, Dinesh D’souza Bill O’Reilly, or Allen Guelzo (the usual Fox suspects). These ahistorical masterminds of histrionics and B movie history.

They would have you believe Washington and Jefferson were “almost” good while Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis were bad. This gets tied up in their wont of racism so they might resist actions from those creatures of the night such as BLM and Antifa.

They “teach” that The 1619 Project is wrong but their equally foolish ahistorical puffery of some “founding” in 1776 was righteous except for the original sin of the founders of slavery. This original sin they teach was to be ended except for the sinful South (Eve) and its vision of a slavocracy.

These Southern sinners rebelled by seceding. This, of course, is different from the 1776 so-called “Declaration of Founding a Nation.” The 1776ers were said not to be declaring independence, but declaring “Founders Day.” The Southern sinners of 1861 were not declaring independence, they were founding a slavocracy; so, say these “mastermind” cousins on the “right” to public education.

This Hanson-Foner-et al drivel is the Republican answer to the American Federation of Teachers and The Department of Education’s left-wing “readin’, writin’, and rithmetic.’”

This same pretentious right-wing cabal will canonize Abe Lincoln (through public teachers) as the defeater of racism and cleanser of themselves as racists because his efforts to destroy the union, in fact, held fast, as he created through a monstrous so-called civil war the Hamiltonian designed single state. Hamiltonian seeded statism (the womb of Marxism) was the true goal of the so-called Federalists.

For the “teachers,” the Anti-Federalists were the true Federalists. Have these so-called “educators” ever known this—or cared? Who knows, considering their mendacious muscling of schools and the school children?

No longer would the Jeffersonian modeled republican union be the pesky little limited local concept sticking in the side of the futuristic Marxist state such as a single: THE United States, as opposed to the original: THESE United States.

And of course, neither “left” nor “right’” will ever speak (and thereby teach) that the so-called original sin was initiated, insofar as American slavery was concerned, by the interior African Negroid tribes capturing and enslaving other Negroid tribes and trading them for goods on the west coast of Africa to the Good ol’ Bubbas of the New England slave ships. John Hancock, we hardly knew thee, once again.

Golly, Al Sharpton et al are going to have to pay reparations to BLM. Ahhh, justice with a smile. Or maybe the other way around?

Hardly the good guys, these fellows on the “right.” When, after all, has any of this crowd ever made effort (outside the obligatory political speeches) to root out the teacher’s union or the vile bureaucratic tax expensive Department of Education. They are as tricky as the left and the conglomeration of would-be-teachers of the pollical left.

But it doesn’t matter. This pseudo-academic bunch of hobgoblin “educators” want to remain on pandemic vacation under the pretentious posturing of “essential” workers. They smile, don’t work, sure as hell can’t teach, and collect their paychecks supported by their political union’s political muscle.

They laugh at parents and taxpayers. They mentally abuse children with deliberate neglect.

And this sort of Trotskyite vermin is what people want to return to “teach” their children?

It probably is far too late but: God help THESE United States—not THE United States: The Declaration of Independence. Not, The Declaration of Founding.

Lord Acton said in a letter to Robert E. Lee after the war. “I fear more for what was lost at Appomattox than for what was gained at Waterloo.” He didn’t realize at the time how much more than a republic had been lost.

Yep, I’m betting on ‘far too late;’ unless the teachers remain at home or the children do.

And perhaps, men return to the home. Maybe then God can go back to school.

By Paul Yarbrough

Paul Yarbrough is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative. He writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller. His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

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