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The Fed and Bidenflation: A Clownish President Carrying On A Long-Standing, Tyrannical Tradition

A nasty trail of incompetence and greed has led to The Great Monetary Scam involving politicians and cash which continues to grow and rob our citizens. It is otherwise known as “Rise of the Petro/Ruble.”  We have a long history of being ripped off by our government and now the structure of the program is open for inspection.

The Second National Bank charter struggle was a great defeat for the London banking group including Barings and Rothschilds and their local lackey Nicholas Biddle. Andrew Jackson crushed their plans. One of the biggest revelations was Mr. Biddle accidentally admitting that he did not move money to cities that did not support his national bank as a form of revenge.  Andrew Jackson was later attacked and shot by an assassin after leading the fight to disestablish the Central Bank.  The depression that followed was an attempt to have the congress and people brought to heel and change their views that was organized by Mr. Biddle with liberal doses of cash to eager congressmen.  Incidentally, Mr. Jackson paid off our national debt.  We have been indebted ever since.

Mr. Lincoln started a new program of greenbacks to financially support the Civil War through an illegal income tax. As the war was winding down there was no sign from Lincoln that the greenback system was going to be abandoned in favor of the old bank loan system.  He unfortunately decided to attend the theater soon thereafter.

The Panic of 1873 soon followed. Who panicked? It was the big investors and bankers that were in trouble because their investments in Europe were going under.  They had purchased railroad bonds from the US banks and the money was used to fund westward expansion.  Then the smaller banks around the country were pulled down as well. The Specie Resumption Act was then passed.  This curbed inflation and strengthened the dollar.

The Panic of 1893 was again sourced by the large debts in the railroad industry. A group of citizens called  Coxeys’ Army marched on Washington DC where 600 were arrested.  The basic problem in these instances was that banks did not have enough cash on hand to return their depositors money at the same time, and the little guy suffered.

The Federal Reserve Bank Act of 1913 has its’ roots in the blackmail of Woody Wilson.  He and members of congress were bribed or blackmailed into the support of the entirely new financial system for our country used to benefit Wall Street.  The purported idea was to eliminate large swings or “panics” in the economy.  The Fed was actually designed to make sure the banks survived their incompetence and greed.  The first of the Fed errors created the Great Depression that lasted for 12 years.

Frank Roosevelt devalued our currency by 27% to start his reign by raising the price of gold to $35.00 thereby creating our first bankruptcy while he decreed it illegal to own gold.  He was heavily influenced by his friends on Wall Street where he was employed after the Great War. Sadly all were influenced by another newly crowned “expert” named Johnny Keynes.  The Fed has admitted that they made mistakes all through the Great Depression with his theories of manipulating the money supply.   John Kennedy tried reissuing silver certificates to stabilize the dollar and control the bankers and had an accident soon thereafter.

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We continue to stumble along to this day through the field of pathetic attempts to use a washed up systemic theory to operate the worlds’ economy for the benefit of the few.   There was another detour and bankruptcy under Nixon when we were totally removed from any gold standard at all. The following wage and price freeze was another joke that our academic economists types would rather you forgot.  Examining your change at the checkout counter should give you an accurate idea of the worth of our currency and the intellectual capacity of our betters.  There is no trace of any precious metal to be seen.

The next folly was Jimmy Carter allowing interstate banking which gave major banks the ability to consolidate their hold on our personal and governmental finances.  The barriers between savings and loan associations and commercial banks were eliminated as well.  All the money ended up in New York.  The repeal of the Glass Steagal Act under Billy Clinton was the last straw.  Investment and all banking were consolidated on Wall Street.  What could go wrong?

In 2008 the last vestige of a curtain disguising our slavery was removed.  All the politically required mortgage loans fell.  The banking system was destroyed.  Instead of the FDIC being used to bail out depositors in the banks as was intended, it was used to bail out the stockholders of the banks and the bill was passed to your grandchildren.  Your congressman was paid well to pass this monstrosity and we stumbled along ruining the savings of the people who sadly believed what they were told.

In summation the Federal Reserve has proven to be much worse than the gold standard ever was for the average citizen.  It has cost us our financial freedom which of course means political freedom.  As the stock market falls today look towards the Russian petro/ruble.  It is tied to a fungible commodity, oil, and the international banking set is powerless to confront it.  The turmoil now released will extend years into the future as governments fall and nations collapse.

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