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[Watch] Despicable: VP Harris’ Reprehensible Comments On Abortion And Faith

The fact that we must discuss this topic on Fathers’ Day is unfortunate, but indicative of life in modern America. Democrats, particularly those who are Pro-Abortion, are constantly required to perform an incoherent tap dance in their attempt to legitimize their argument in defiance of both science and faith. It’s an impossible feat to accomplish, but they try it anyway, and some are better at it than others. Vice-President Kamala Harris may be the worst of all at performing the ritual, as we saw once again on Friday.

To disregard the scientific facts illustrating that abortion is in fact homicidal flies in the face of their insistence to “Follow the Science” when it comes to other issues – including COVID and Climate Change – though even then they typically pick and choose which pieces of science they want to honor. It’s disingenuous, manipulative, and nonsensical. But when Pro-Abortion Democrats try to apply their pretzel logic regarding religion and abortion, they become blasphemous. It’s unavoidable.

Such was the case on Friday, as our buffoonish Vice-President attempted to reconcile embracing infanticide with being religious. Watch:

For those who become squeamish due to graphic descriptions of abortion, here’s a trigger warning: Stop reading now.

To fully comprehend the argument Harris is attempting to make, consider an extreme example. An abortion performed in the third trimester, and support for these procedures have become a mainstream position for members of the Democratic Party such as Harris, typically requires these steps:

– The sedation or anesthetization of the mother.

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– A sharp instrument such as a knife or surgical scissors being inserted into the skull and brain of the fetus, killing the baby.

– The cutting up of the fetus into multiple sections in order to completely remove the body parts from the mother’s womb.

– And the nonchalant and unceremonious disposal of the fetus’ body parts, with the exception of those that the abortionist may want to sell.

That’s what happens with later-stage abortions, and predictably there is a lot of blood involved. It’s not health care. It’s not the exercising of someone’s ‘choice.’ It’s flat-out butchery, plain and simple. And with the possible exception of Satanism, to suggest that such actions are somehow not in conflict with one’s religion is simply outrageous.

With the progress of modern medicine, a fetus becomes viable as early as 20 weeks now. That is, by the midpoint of a woman’s second trimester, halfway through a pregnancy, if that fetus is removed from the womb, it may very well survive, living to adulthood and a prosperous, fulfilling life (and that’s not to diminish the horror of abortions during earlier stages). To suggest, therefore, that there is not a conflict between one’s religion and the utter destruction of one of God’s most amazing creations is truly reprehensible. Such actions are pure evil, and so are the people who support them.

By Jordan Case

Jordan Case offers opinions from the unique perspective of both entrepreneur and parent and is a regular contributor to The Blue State ConservativeJordan does not participate in the cesspool of social media. 

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