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LOL: White Democrat Mayor Who Supports BLM Got Sucker Punched By Black Dude At Juneteenth Celebration

At this point, I am not sure what else can be done to help certain people. You want to signal your virtuousness and pander to voters? Fine, but when the recipients of all that virtue signaling and condescending rhetoric punches you in the gut, don’t come to me for help.

Louisville’s pathetic simp of a mayor, the white leftist coward Greg Fischer, was attending a celebration for the made-up federal holiday of Juneteenth this week and felt the force of his race-baiting efforts. Maybe he should just try harder, do more work, and just be better. Isn’t that what CRT teaches? Do better, Mr. Mayor; then your black constituents won’t assault you in public.

We are left wondering if this is a threat to democracy? If it’s racist? We can only imagine the media coverage if Chicago’s gay and black mayor were punched by a some Ultra-MAGA goon. Good thing the combatant is part of the most privileged criminal class in world history and the victim was a white male. The powers that practically want this type of thing to happen.

Of the assault, The Post Millennial wrote:

“Video of the assault, obtained exclusively by WAVE News Troubleshooters, showed the suspect, a black male, approaching Democratic Mayor Greg Fischer and sucker punching him in either the upper chest or throat. The force of the punch knocked Fischer to the ground.

Jessica Wethington, a spokeswoman for Fischer, said the mayor “is doing fine” and was evaluated by EMS after the incident.”The Mayor does utilize a security detail, and that detail was with him at Fourth Street Live. While it’s not appropriate to comment on specifics of that detail, it is always being evaluated and adjusted as needed,” Wethington said.”

Ironically, nothing Mayor Fischer has done or could have done differently would have changed the outcome here. This fool of a man condoned the George Floyd riots, he practically let Louisville burn down after the Breonna Taylor verdicts (resulting in__ deaths), and just a few days ahead of the Juenteenth event he apologized on behalf of Lousiville for slavery. The city’s Courier Journal reported on that atrocious spectacle:

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“Three days before Juneteenth — a holiday celebrating the emancipation of enslaved people in the 1800s — Mayor Greg Fischer apologized to Louisville’s Black residents, acknowledging the city’s role in instituting and upholding racist systems that have oppressed them for generations.

“I cannot erase all the injustices from the first slave ships to today,” he said Thursday at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage. “But what I can do is offer a sincere apology from me as a person and, more importantly, on behalf of the institution of the city government of Louisville.””

One wonders when the countries of Northern Africa will apologize to Eurpeans for their role in enslaving more whites than  blacks that America ever brought over to this nation. For that matter, it’d  simply be nice if no one apologized since this is all history and not a single person alive today was a slave nor owned a slave. 

While assault is never the answer, perhaps the only answer to politician-created lawlessness is if enough of these idiots get beaten up by the problems they created. 

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.

Featured image: Photo released by LMPD in search of attacker.