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The Disaster Continues… CNN Ratings Keep Falling At Historic Levels

Consider the date of July 14, 2000, and what the world was like on that day: Bill and Hillary Clinton were still in the White House, doing heaven-knows-what. The Twin Towers in lower Manhattan were still standing tall, with very few Americans having ever heard of Al Qaeda. And innovations such as smartphones, Uber, and iPods were only available in our imaginations.

Overall, it was a relatively non-descript, summer day almost twenty-two years ago, but July 14, 2000, is indeed memorable this reason: It is the last time CNN experienced ratings as pathetic as they did last Friday.

According to Mediate:

“CNN capped off a weak week in the ratings on Friday, dipping to the network’s lowest Friday in the key 25-54 age demographic since July 14th, 2000. CNN brought in a total day average of 60,000 demo viewers, just higher than the network’s 59,000 demo viewers in July 2000.

Fox News topped the ratings in the demo and in terms of total viewers on Friday, bringing in 221,000 demo viewers and 1.56 million average total viewers. MSNBC came in second place with 83,000 demo viewers and 818,000 average total viewers. CNN landed in third place with 303,000 total viewers.”

Before we can fully appreciate how dreadful those ratings are, we must first consider some context:

– CNN which was established in 1980, has been around much longer than either Fox News or MSNBC, which have both been around since 1996. That’s a sixteen-year head start for the Atlanta-based network.

– CNN is in lock-step with the Democratic Party, acting as essentially another branch of their communications department, which means they enjoy access to key politicians that conservative outlets aren’t privy to.

– And consider that virtually every airport and most hotel lobbies have their TVs tuned to CNN for travelers and guests, and understand that such viewership is included in these ratings.

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If we factor those advantages into the equation, logic dictates that CNN would be the strongest of all Cable News Networks, but in reality, they are, by far, the weakest. It truly is a sad state of affairs for a once-great network.

By the late-1980s, Americans were regularly tuning in to CNN to see the latest developments with the fall of the Iron Curtain. No one had the level of coverage and detail on the subject as CNN. During the first Gulf War which began ramping up in 1990 after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, CNN’s credibility and ratings skyrocketed, with their unequaled access to military footage and around-the-clock coverage. CNN set the journalistic standard for Cable News during this period, despite having a slightly left-leaning mindset.

But as time progressed, so did CNN’s leftist tendencies. They became cheerleaders for the Clinton Administration by the late-1990s. They went over the top in their attacks on President George W. Bush. And they appeared to be almost engaging in physical intimacy with the Obama Administration. But it was during the Trump Administration that CNN fully lost all of its credibility.

While CNN was seeing strong ratings during the Trump Era, they were also lifting their skirt. CNN showed America and the world their true character: They were/are nothing but political activists with a far-left agenda. They fed their mind-numb, ignorant viewers a steady diet of ‘Trump is a Russian puppet’ for three years. Their minions nodded their heads, and CNN thought that were kicking ass. But in reality, they were absolutely destroying their reputation.

Even the most dedicated Democrat moron can recognize when they’ve been played. While the likes of Brian Stelter, Chris Cuomo, Wolf Blitzer, and Don Lemon were promising viewers on a nightly basis that “the walls are closing in on Trump,” their leftist viewers smiled and waited. And that collapse they waited for never came. If we include the continued nonsense with their coverage of the mostly-peaceful George Floyd riots and misinformation COVID campaign, we can see where CNN really sealed the deal.

But the reality is this: America could truly use a credible, vibrant, and fair CNN. We need good journalists telling us the truth and reporting facts, not propaganda. CNN now has new ownership, and we can only imagine their reactions to rating news such as this. Will those owners continue to accept such failure and support the network’s leftism? Or will they finally put their foot down and insist on integrity and viewership success. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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