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The Real Question Is… Why Would Pelosi Welcome an Attack on the Capitol on January 6?

This question has plagued me for some time. Snippets of information are coming out like the peel off of an onion.  Here is my analysis of how these snippets indicate a diabolical plot.

What was happening on this fateful day?  Trump was addressing a hundred thousand plus supporters who knew the election had been stolen by fraud.  Like me, they had witnessed it first-hand.  I saw too many ballots come to my home.  I heard a friend, a Democrat, confess to voting multiple times. I heard Bill Hemmer exclaim in disbelief on election night, They are stopping the counting!  He also said, “How can it be?” when he saw vote totals changing in impossible ways.

Trump knew the counting of the electoral college was taking place right after his speech ended.  He knew that something unprecedented was going to take place.  A few brave senators were going to object to certain swing states where the fraud was rampant.

At noon at the Capitol, the senate convened to count the electoral votes and determine the next President of the United States.  If you recall, Arizona had been called by Pence, and a brave senator stood up to object to counting Arizona’s electors.  They needed two to object.  They had two. I believe one was Ted Cruz. Afterward, he was accused of treason.  He appealed for calm.  It descended.  He is lucky.

As he objected to Arizona, some rioters penetrated the Capitol.  They made a show of wearing Trump attire and carrying Trump flags.  The Senate Chamber was evacuated.  The proceeding to count electoral votes was derailed.

Many elderly Senators were scared to death.  Other, younger Senators tried to assist them in donning their gas masks.  In fact, many were frightened into doing exactly what Pelosi wanted.  When they reconvened that evening, no further objections were heard to the other states for which similar objections were planned.

What happened next? When the Trump supporters arrived who were marching peacefully and patriotically to make their voices heard, they were waved into the capitol by police and others. We do not know who was in the vanguard of this march.  Who was it that was scaling the building?  Who was breaking windows?  Who was breaking down barriers?  Who sparred with the Capitol Police? We have seen some people arrested and charged with trespassing and “parading.” Why was an Antifa activist filming everything, including the murder of an unarmed protester, Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force Veteran? He was well paid for this stint. I believe he later had to return the money. I suppose someone in on the scheme thought it looked bad to have him be a paid Antifa agitator.  He donned a Trump hat at times during the mayhem.

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Why would Pelosi refuse the timely offer by President Trump of additional security?  Bad optics, or bad intentions?  Why would several Capitol Police officers commit suicide in the aftermath of January 6th.  Trauma from a sprained finger or hyper-extended knee, or shame, or guilt? Did these Capitol Police realize they were used by Pelosi as pawns to make half of the country look like “insurrectionists?” Is this knowledge what caused the stress that killed officer Sicknick?  How obscene was it to see his ashes lying in state at the Capitol while so many other police were being assassinated and decried as racist murderers across the country?

Why would AOC come forward to say she was warned a week prior to the 6th of January that something “bad” was going to go down on the 6th? Who warned her?  Why was she warned, and not others?  Maybe others were warned and only AOC was dumb enough to come forward with this information.  She nearly blew the scheme wide open.  Someone recently described her as a rare combination of stupidity and exuberance.

Why did a rabble-rouser come forward on U-Tube to admit that he had been hired to cause havoc on that day?  He refused to say who had paid him, but he wanted the world to know he had been hired. Why did I see this video only once on OAN, Fox, or Newsmax? Who squelched it?

And we now know that an AFP reporter took the photo of the Trump supporter who sat at Pelosi’s desk, and put his feet up for the occasion.  What were these reporters doing inside her office?  This photo is now a Getty Image. Did someone ask them to wait there to get a great image of a Trump supporter misbehaving?

Why haven’t we seen all of the video captured on that day?  Is it because much of it is exculpatory?  Today, I saw an irate Trump supporter confronting  Capitol Police officers on January 6th on the steps of the Capitol, and entreating them to call for back-up to protect OUR CAPITOL.  Why did it take six months for this video to surface?

My friend who was there that day said there were men dressed as “military wannabes” that lead the charge to the Capitol when Trump’s speech ended.  She said these men were “not with us.”

And how can dozens of Trump supporters still be held as political prisoners?  We are told by their attorneys that they are in and out of solitary, and that they are being coerced to cop to charges that vastly exaggerate the nature of their transgressions.  I saw no signage at the Capitol that day that said NO ENTRY.  No signage said NO TRESPASSING.  No signs said TOURS CANCELED TODAY DUE TO SPECIAL SESSION. In fact, many Trump supporters walked calmly between the cords that directed them through the Capitol like they were typical DC tourists.  They were unsuspecting players in THE GREAT INSURRECTION, a play by Nancy Pelosi and others who cooperated in the BIG STEAL.  There were plenty of National Guard there before dawn in the aftermath.  A friend commented, “Well this really looks like a free and fair election took place, doesn’t it?”

By Jennifer Mitchell Towner

Jennifer Mitchell Towner worked in the computer industry from 1979 to 1998. Under a program called Encorps, she became a high school math, French, and Consumer Finance teacher in 2009, retiring in 2019. She holds two BAs from U.C. Berkeley in Math and French and an MBA from Stanford University. The books she published in 2021, Good Boots and Kipper the Nipper are on Amazon.

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