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Dems Adamantly Opposed Lowering Or Eliminating The Gas Tax, But Now They Love The Idea?

Every time Republicans suggest lowering a tax, Democrats lose their minds. Tobacco, Meals, Vehicle, Real Estate, pick a tax, any tax. It is irresponsible—bad policy. Women will starve, and children will die. Cats and dogs, living together!

Gas taxes?

For the past several years, especially here in New England, the Progs have been working to advance a scheme not just to raise gas taxes but to hand that taxing power to an unelected board. The Transportation Climate Initiate (TCI) died when Biden’s campaign promise to end fossil fuels as policy drove gas prices so high adding to them would have been political suicide. Even Democrat Governors walked away.

But before that, raising gas taxes was a moral imperative. Save the planet for the unaborted children they wanted to inject with an experimental pharmaceutical none of them needed.

With gas at around five dollars per gallon, thanks to Fuel Can Joe, lowering them is the moral imperative if it could save the Dems even one congressional seat. Congress, top-heavy with donkeys, is no longer flinging poo at the idea of a Federal Gas Tax Holiday.

It has to make Maggie “I vote with Biden 98% of the Time” Hassan happy and unhappy. When she proposed that gimmick, her press sold it as bucking her party, but that ship sailed, took on water, and sank. Almost everyone inside the beltway with a (D) after their name feels a bit like a deer staring down the headlights of an onrushing November election. If a gimmick keeps them from gasping for their last political breath in a rhetorical ditch on November 9th, they’ll embrace it.

Gimmicks are, after all, the Left’s stock and trade. Gun control laws result in more gun crime. The war on poverty laundered trillions through friendly NGOs without fixing that problem, and drugs won the other war, again at a high cost to taxpayers. The entire environmental charade is sleight of hand. And women’s rights? If anyone can be a woman, then no one can.

A three-month federal gasoline tax hiatus lowers the numbers but doesn’t keep them from scrolling upward again as a result of policy.

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It will put a buck or three back into the people’s pockets at every fill-up but for how long? Biden kept his promise and broke the oil and gas industry in America. Dems wanted lower production. Demanded it. You can pretend to backtrack, but things on this scale don’t just get fixed quickly, and Dems prefer them broken. The goal was to end fossil fuels.

The federal lease policy under Biden and Democrats has created a declining long-term decline in production, so all this posturing has a half-life, as does their approach to fracking and every aspect of fossil fuel mineral development and extraction. They said they’d end it and meant that.

So, when the gas “holiday” is over – assuming they go for it – gas prices will spike. Will it be months or weeks before the mid-terms? I can see them extending it until after November, but it’s too little too late. A band-aid on a lost limb they can’t grow back. Not while Democrats hold the keys to the country.

And none of this will lessen the effects of inflation, shortages, and the declining quality of life average Americans have come to know and suspect under the “leadership” of Joe Biden. Joe did that, and Democrats are why we have him.

They should expect to pay a political price for that but will do whatever it takes to kick that can down the road to 2024, including gimmicks like a gas tax holiday.

Steve is a long-time New Hampshire resident, blogger, and a member of the Board of directors of The 603 Alliance. He is the Managing Editor and co-owner of, a former board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, and a past contributor to the Franklin Center for Public Policy.

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