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Red Wave? Please! Recall What George Wallace Said

[Editor’s Note: True to our mission, The Blue State Conservative strives to offer a platform for varying views on the political right. And while Paul Yarborough may not be a fan of the Republican Party, obviously, he is still a patriotic, conservative American. Also, please note the significance of Paul’s use of lower case/uppper case letters describing Republicans/Democrats and republicans/democrats]

You would have to be living on Mars to have not heard about the great midterm election excitement regarding all of the prognostications of the great red wave that is forthcoming in November.

And if a red wave means a Republican landslide, that is probably a safe prediction. However, the great “American Electorate” having been sold many times from many voices through many venues over parts of 3 centuries on a mob mentality of “a right to vote,” which always saves “our democracy,” we will not see a red (r)epublican wave.

On the other side of the midterms, assuming such a landside, there will still be the chaff that not only clings to the very sparse wheat afield but is not even suitable as fodder for the animals. This chaff, ill-suited for human consumption, is the likes of John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell et ilk both of whom of course cleave to the Washington elites and also are from the same wheatfield as Liz Cheney and Adam (cry-baby) Kinzinger. This red wave will be large, to be sure, but it will still be a majority of (d)emocrats and perhaps a couple of dozen (r)epublicans (House and Senate)

Any mid-term red wave is only a mirage of goodness, and in fact, it is a cloaked group of elected nationalists joining the sea of unelected bureaucrats soon to be part of “our democracy.”

In fact, it is the same type of politician as John Cornyn (Texas’s 21st century LBJ) who, while the red wave rallying cry abounds among hopeful voters, spits on Texas and its republican principles and history mockingly lying about his goals.  He has studied the cowardly manhood and political skullduggery of people like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and/or the Cheney family. And as many years junior to McConnell, he realizes he need not represent Texas in truth, let alone any republican principles. He knows money can keep him a Senator forever.  Like LBJ his word is not his bond, it is his bomb.

A little Texas irony. Had John Corny been around in 1836, we never would have defended the Alamo nor fought at San Jacinto. Cornyn would have allowed Santa Anna to take our guns.

Instead of “Remember the Alamo” we might be saying, even today “Let’s Go Brandon-Cornyn.”

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But, no matter. Most of the rest are the same. You can throw stones at George Wallace all you want. But he knew a truth that stands like a rock: There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties, Democrats and Republicans. Which means they are both democrats and bureaucrats.

The point is that no one should think that any magic red wave is going to do anything other than leaving the same untethered, uncultured, unisex, elitists in charge of our lives, which includes not only our pocketbooks but our honor and morals.

The nonsense presently going on with this hoodwinking Jan 6 committee is typical of the political legerdemain that the tricksters in Washington perform. These are the very people who are clamorous in their juvenile mindsets that we “almost lost our democracy.”

I wish we would lose the damn thing! Maybe then a red wave, a real republican one, might actually occur regaining something that Lincoln and his Republican bastard republicans hijacked over 150 years ago.

Maybe if it were here today, a union of republican states, then some sort of wave might have political meaning. Not now. Democracy hasn’t been lost. Sadly, it has been cemented.

Back in the day, there were minds like Patrick Henry, George Mason, John Taylor of Caroline,

Thomas Jefferson, or John Calhoun.

Now we get chaff and animal feed from liars and thieves like Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Liz Cheney, Shelia Jackson Lee, and various other card tricks from tricksters.

Once upon a time, we had imperfect men with feet of clay. Now we have people with brains of clay.

We old guys don’t have much left to lose, personally. It is what we are leaving America’s sons that concerns us.

Much more than what America’s sons-of -bitches are taking from us.

By Paul Yarbrough

Paul Yarbrough is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative. He writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller. His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

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