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[WATCH] Hilarious! Netflix Pushes Back On Woke Mob With New Series ‘Snowflake Mountain’

The left’s militant minions, aka the Woke Mob, are intent on launching the lethal weapon of Cancel Culture on anything and anyone who dares stray from their delusional worldview. Make an observation of the scientific fact there are only two genders? Shut down that comedy special! Suggest that the January 6th Capitol riot was a mere “dust up” compared to the “fiery but mostly peaceful” BLM riots of 2020 that cost $2 billion and killed 25 Americans? Give that guy a $100K fine. You made off-color jokes a decade earlier that just resurfaced? Beg for forgiveness all you want, you’ll still never host The Oscars again.

The Woke Mob has been relentless in their aggression, and they’ve been largely successful. Spineless Hollywood millionaires tiptoe around interviews and think long and hard before answering a question on a woke topic. Hall of Fame quarterbacks prostrate themselves at the leftists’ altar for the sin of objecting to folks disrespecting our flag. And companies with billions of dollars in their coffers hand over control of company policies to handfuls of outnumbered but vocal wokesters.

But over the past few months, we’ve seen a quiet but steady pushback from corporate America. Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter signaled an end to inmates running that asylum and then handed out pink slips to loud, insubordinate employees at Space X. After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis put the Walt Disney Company in its place for their insistence on supporting the woke indoctrination of small children, most of Disney’s competitors sat down and smartly backed away from injecting themselves in politics.

And then we have Netflix, an outlet that had been at the front line of culture wars, loyally fighting on the side of the wokesters. Peruse their content menu and leftist, woke drivel is everywhere: America is evil, Christians are bigots, only heterosexual white people can be portrayed the villain, and only those who are non-white or remotely associated with the LGBTQ gang can be the protagonist.

But Netflix appears to be shifting gears and are perhaps intent on offering a balanced approach to the political leanings of their programming. Consider the upcoming series being offered by the platform in the coming weeks titled “Snowflake Mountain.” Watch:

The first indication that Netflix is sincere in taking on the woke mob is the title of the show. Calling snowflakes what they are – snowflakes – is verboten on the left. The word itself, they tell us, is a ‘dog whistle,’ for reasons that are still unclear, and to use it is bigoted. The content lives up to the title, taking aim at wokesters of all shapes, colors, sizes, and sexual proclivities. And that’s just too much for snowflakes to take. For instance, here’s some criticism from the joke woke at the Daily Beast:

“[V]iewers who already make uninformed generalizations about younger generations—like the idea that they don’t work, are too sensitive, and are economically privileged—and earnestly use the term ‘snowflake,’ typically hold bigoted views about the demographics on display in the series. Even as the show becomes more grounded and sympathetic, it’s already done the work of confirming any biases conservative viewers may have of Black women and gay men, for example.”

You poor victims! You mean someone has the temerity to depict you accurately? Has Netflix actually produced a show that’s not catering to the ‘authentic’ you? Can you believe there are actually people out there who aren’t snowflakes?

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What’s most effective for Netflix in this instance is that the show is actually funny. It takes on all shades of snowflakes: white, black, gay, straight, vegan, etc. And it gently pokes fun at the absurdity of it all. After Netflix began hemorrhaging money with its stock price plummeting, the company pushed back on the wokesters in their ranks: enough is enough. They encouraged them to work somewhere else if they don’t like it, and then put their foot down.

They refused to cave in despite pressure from those employees about the comedy shows of Dave Chappelle, Ricky Gervais, and others. And now they’ve released Snowflake Mountain for our consumption.

All conservatives ask is for some balance. Want to show your far-left slop? Go ahead, but at least have some non-leftist content to offset it. And it looks like Netflix may be going in that direction.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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