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Americans’ Economic Pain is Clearly Not Biden’s ‘Emergency,’ But it Should Be

Two nights ago, I watched a news story about a single mother who was a Special Education teacher.  She has two teenage daughters and was just able to support her family with her salary($32-$90,000 per year, depending on state, school district, and years of service), until inflation skyrocketed under Joe Biden’s Green Energy plan.  The extra $500-600 per month needed to heat her home, put groceries on her table, and fill her gas tank was more than her earnings could accommodate, so she needed a second income.

She reported turning to blood donation a couple of times a week to make ends meet.  Not just regular blood donation, but a certain portion of her blood could bring in $600-$800 per month.  The downside was that after she gave blood, she was too tired and weak to accomplish anything else for the rest of the day.  If her iron level fell below a certain threshold, she was turned away from the donation center without any payment.

This story is, no doubt, replaying all over the nation.  We know that many, many Americans paid no federal income taxes, so this tells me that they cannot afford the extra $6000 needed to live.  Their choices are, go through their savings, if they have any, get a second income, get government assistance like going to a food bank for groceries or signing up for food stamps, if eligible, or turn to crime (prostitution or drug dealing come to mind).  If they have a variable mortgage interest rate because they could not afford to get a fixed-rate mortgage, their housing expense has also increased due to the Fed’s raising of interest rates which are up to 6% for 30-year mortgages.  If their landlord is out to maximize his/her return on investment, their rent has gone up 10-30% recently as well.

We are told that inflation is 8.5 percent, but this does not accurately reflect the impact of the most basic things needed for living.  My experience is that groceries are up about 20%-30%, gas is up 100%, and electricity is up 20%.  What I experience, based on what I have to spend my money on, is closer to a 30% increase.

Now Biden has declared a climate emergency.  He figures that he can force U.S. manufacturers and oil producers to produce more, which will force prices to drop.  He figures he can open our markets to foreign Green Energy products which will drop prices further.  Tariffs that protect our domestic producers, forget them in the effort to get more Green energy products here cheaper, and sooner.

These actions are unprecedented.  Trump invoked emergency actions to get ventilators to assist with dying for the hundreds of thousands lost to COVID in 2020 and 2021.  Some were saved by having access to ventilators, but we all heard that, once you were on a ventilator, it was generally too late to save you.

Biden, apparently, has invoked emergency production on the advice of his radical cabal.  What the ultimate result of his actions will be is too early to tell.  It is better policy not to try to manipulate the markets.

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In an economy not influenced by politics, Americans might rush to Go Green.  However, while prices are dropping, people will be unlikely to want to invest tens of thousands on something like solar panels that will cost much less in a year. Plus, there is the November election on the horizon.  With Republicans back in control of the purse strings, i.e. by taking back the House and the Senate, saner energy policies will prevail, and our supply chain problems will likely be fixed sooner rather than later.  Why would I invest in Going Green (buy a $60,000 electric car plus spend $30,000 or more on solar panels, while happily giving up meat), if I believe that our energy industry will be reinvigorated beginning in January of 2023 when those elected in November take control?

And why would I want to cooperate and fall into Biden’s Green Energy line when my government and Democrats call me a domestic terrorist, a deplorable, or worse, a white supremacist?

I have no respect for this President and his cohort.  He has brought about and supports, wholeheartedly, a two-tiered justice system, and he ignores our Constitution.  In my mind, Biden, his cabinet, his “inJustice” Department, and his leaders in the House and Senate have all committed treason against this great nation.  I hope they will be forced to see the writing on the wall in November 2022, and that they will be held accountable in 2023.

By Jennifer Mitchell Towner

Jennifer Mitchell Towner worked in the computer industry from 1979 to 1998. Under a program called Encorps, she became a high school math, French, and Consumer Finance teacher in 2009, retiring in 2019. She holds two BAs from U.C. Berkeley in Math and French and an MBA from Stanford University. The books she published in 2021, Good Boots and Kipper the Nipper are on Amazon.

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