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Democrats’ Vision Of Our Future: Interstate, Autobahn or Goat Path?

Stability of international relations under the Trump administration was a satisfying situation.  The usual international financial conglomerates were irritating the US but there was take-charge leadership that was intimidating to the WEF crowd and the other grifters.  Today there is a free for all that leaves one in dread of the morning news.  What sanctions, war, or corruption will be uncovered today? Who will appear to create new issues and dangers? Will the world economic order actually collapse?  How can a normal citizen navigate the new flows and eddies created by the grasping thieves and ideologues that are attempting to dominate the world?

Our perceived weakness brings the roaches in from the background to begin fighting over a corpse that may soon appear.  The religious order of world socialism has again thrust itself into center stage.  This play has become rather boring as we have seen it many times before.

The actual new world order is still very much in doubt.  Even the leadership is up for grabs. There are now four players at the table slowly turning their cards.  Two are bit players that have had their influence recede from the game quite a bit in the last few decades.  The other two are scrambling to stay afloat.

First the probable loss of China as a lead player is becoming apparent. Its’ role as the world manufacturer using slave labor has been publicized enough to create a backlash by many consumers.  Another added difficulty is the logistical nightmare revealed to the MBA simpletons during the recent flu epidemic.  Even these lettered clowns have begun to consider new horizons instead of marching as lemmings to the sea.  Diversifying manufacturing to other countries would be an asset and will considerably weaken Peking.  The local Chinese real estate markets are also crashing which is a grave concern to the government as real estate is a traditional savings outlet to its’ citizens.

The droughts and floods have put a large dent in the menus of the people thereby making the crowned heads a bit nervous.  The bright spot is the new Russia relationship which reduces the Chinese dependence on energy sources that could easily be curtailed for political malfeasance. Russia also provides excellent pricing for petro-rubles. China has also seen the weakness of Joe Bribe’ems’ socialist/uni-party and the ease in which it is bribed into obedience.

Russia and Putin have had a “come back to daddy” moment in Ukraine.  This has exposed again the folly of the New World Order.  Decades of calling the shots have created a false sense of security in DC and London that has come apart at the seams with our unintelligent and uneducated set in charge.  Russia has enough natural resources to provide its’ citizens with a comfortable society for the foreseeable future.  They actually do not need to attempt another military adventure to keep a seat at the table. Russia is not strong enough economically to play with the big boys but still has enough respect and resources to be invited for drinks. They only need to enjoy the petro-ruble Putin has created, much to the chagrin of the WEF.  The next step for the petro-ruble is to have it extended to the other BRICS.

The EU project or the Fourth Reich is finished.  The cracks were shown first with Brexit.  The loss of 45 billion pounds annually is critical to EU salaries and their abilities to enforce their will on small countries.  France in its habitual delusionary fashion was attempting to lead Europe after the fall of Merkel.  Its’ people have undercut the WEF puppet Macron at the polls.  His status as the self-appointed EU leader has been gravely undermined.  The cracks in the group have been magnified over the past few months. The bureaucrats in Brussels were last heard decreeing that Orban and Hungary were out of order and needed to be expelled.

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All ‘crats hate to be ignored.  Now all of the heretics are ignored because covering the obvious weaknesses is of critical importance.  They have an extremely tenuous fuel supply and their military arm away from the US is a joke.  Going hat in hand to Russia to eliminate popular unrest this winter will be quite difficult but the nasty pill will have to be swallowed.  This leaves the EU decrees of 18 months ago looking humorous today.  They will continue to break apart financially since quite a few of their members now use the petro-ruble to trade with Russia for their survival.  This is quite a letdown from their self-anointed world leadership role. The control of the serfs by “Green Energy” is now a memory with electricity topping 40 cents a kWh.

Lastly, the new petroleum trade routes to China and India will eliminate any leverage the EU has over Russia.  Necessary commodities for European society are now controlled by the Russian neighbor who they have ostracized and is in no mood to bend the knee towards the New World Order.  Since the Mediterranean countries have already been stripped of their assets by the EU central bank, there is no reason to continue their alliance with the Fourth Reich.  The crash is imminent.

The US is stumbling with the planned submission to global socialist control much to the chagrin of the WEF.  We are led by a man who cashes checks from our enemies.  The transexual armed forces we have created do not strike fear into any portion of the globe.  It will be interesting to watch which of the four entities dissolve by internal incompetence first.

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Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

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