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About That ‘Red Wave’…. Red Sky Either At Night Or In Morning, Sailor Take Warning

The red wave is rolling. But it is not a surface wave of hope, carrying conservative values like some streamlined all-American surfer, arms spread knees locked and yodeling “here I come America. I will save you. By the way, I am a Republican.”

This is a bit like saying that someone is about to vomit, but it was a good meal when it was served.

But this red wave is of the tsunami caliber, hidden underneath until it hits. And what is hidden is the greed and corruption of the political lifers, dressed this time in the red cloak of the Republican Party while they play prissy and kiss-kiss with conservatives while lying and covering their damnable real intent. NO? Look at the recent 14 creatures of the night in the Senate. Red guys (and gals) laughing all the way to the lobby bank.

They are red all right. Probably better described as scarlet, caricaturing like the great Lincoln -Yankee harlot, “spreading”, sine qua non, but not to save any conservatives. Not for any republic, but for a “Reconstructed” republic into the present national state. Just like, and where, they were rooted.

Not unlike its Democrat twin in contrarian courtship, it begs for votes, for power for representation, and is no better than the whoredom it worships when money is on the public table (or by the bed). Lobby right, lobby red– lobby, lobby, lobby! Same as the lobby blue really—except blue will buy before worship– lobby, lobby regardless of right.

Some of these red guys love to say that the Democrats are the party of slavery. There was NO party of slavery. But they say it because of the popularity of the contemporary moment of the ahistorical notion that slavery is some initial sin. Historical idiots like this supposedly are going to red-wave in and save America. Yes, just like they saved America from Roe vs Wade.

If there is any kind of predictability based on political hindsight, you can bet that death in the form of Roe vs Wade may be in the rearview for now, but no red wave will keep death off the political party rallying cry.

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Republicans (the red guys) are opposed to abortion today, but then they were against same-sex marriage merely a decade ago. Sure, they know, as the good political party, what a woman is– but just wait for a political cycle or two, and they’ll come around to realizing that Caitlyn (Bruce, whatever) Jenner really has been a woman all along.

Conservatives cheer like sailors outside a great WWII Chiang Kai-Shek Chinese Brothel, while certain Republican Senatorial and House members, most born and taught of the political pimp persuasion, take money and call on certain Cable and News tadpoles of history and scholarship (FOX, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, All News Networks, ad nauseum) Yep. All blather the same hum and buzz insofar as historiography and/or any honest revelations. FOX, itself, has an all-star cast of ahistorical “scholars” and contributors that would shame William Randolph Hearst.

After all, their campaign manager, FOX NEWS has figured it out. NO? They have figured out that Trump is not a man, but Mike Pence is one because he loves Jesus and celebrates His birthday on January 6 instead of Dec 25, along with party girl, Liz and Baby Snooks, Adam.

But FOX seems to believe that the red wave is coming to save conservatives and the Constitution. Praise the Lord! And piss on Donald Trump.

FOX markets books for its mostly silly authors better than Nancy Pelosi markets ice cream for Ben and Jerry’s (or whomever). And the rest of the tadpoles are as intellectually cozy and careless with history and law as NPR is with communications of a Pravda-like culture. But, in short, to all of them, red waves and red flags are the same things—opportunities for politicians to lie to the people about how they are lying to the people, Republican or not.

To expect any of these–,red, blue or the tadpoles to pass a simple ten-point civics test on the Constitution (many of us had to pass in 8th grade) is like expecting the Fourteenth Amendment to be ratified (since it never was). They know little of that of which they script.

These people in Washington are there in the first place because they cannot survive in real life. Most have been issued degrees in law or “public policy.” The Socratic Method left law school a long time ago, and “public policy” is as useful as the proverbial tits on a boar hog. These “bloviating-crats” are forever admonishing you to “exercise your ‘right to vote’” so the so-called “experiment’ may continue. A “right to vote,” of course, should be placed in the same crapper as red flag laws.

You can almost be sure that as soon as this tsunami of red floods the land, those same overpaid hacks, elected or bureaucratic will be sending red in the form of blood to Ukraine.

Some of us old guys remember Viet Nam for what it was. The graveyard for 58,000 American men.  Blue got us in. Red kept us in.

And most also remember that Davis, Lee, and Jackson were republicans. Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman were Republicans.

Article 4 of the constitution provides that each state is guaranteed a republican form of government, NOT a Republican form of government.

And never forget that the Union has a Star-Spangled banner NOT a National Anthem.

Wave red? Maybe more debt and more wars. But that’s about it.

By Paul Yarbrough

Paul Yarbrough is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative. He writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller. His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay